Let’s start telling it like it is on illegal immigrants

This horrific rape in Quincy by an African, who was then cut loose by a Dukakis-era hack judge named Mark Coven to flee back to the Third World, is not exactly an isolated incident, you understand.

Well, actually, you wouldn’t understand it, at least if you rely on the local powers that be and their enablers in the mainstream media for your crime news.

For Democrats, the illegals are all… Dreamers, only doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, to quote a Republican, come to think of it. (George W. Bush.)

The Beautiful People are loath to admit how much crime is being committed by these invaders. Even now, we don’t know whether the accused on-the-lam African rapist is an illegal or not. Not all, but some district attorneys would rather lug a transgender than inform the public whether the perp is an illegal. (I’m lookin’ at you, Marian Ryan.)

Which is why I have a modest proposal this morning: all prosecutors should follow the Trump-era policy of the Department of Justice and identify the national origins of non-citizen perps.

Let me show you how the feds’ new system (which I admit to lobbying for more than somewhat) works. Here is a selection of this month’s press releases from the eastern district of Massachusetts:

Tuesday: “Mexican National Sentenced for Illegal Reentry After Deportation/ Defendant previously deported four times.” (The illegal was living in, surprise, Chelsea.)

April 12: “Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy.” (Heroin and fentanyl.)

April 12: “Dominican National Arrested for Aggravated Identity Theft.” (He was trying to obtain an MA driver’s license, which would have enabled him to get on welfare.)

April 12: “Dominican National Charged with Illegal Reentry After Deportation” (Actually, I have two of these; same day, same headline, different illegals.)

April 11: “MS-13 Member Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy Involving Murder/ Defendant admits responsibility for death of innocent bystander in Chelsea. (A Honduran nicknamed “Cuervo” also “accepted responsibility” for an attempted gang murder in March 2014 and an armed robbery in Chelsea in April 2014.)

April 10: “Cypriot National Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering.”

April 9: “MS-13 Leader Sentenced to 19 Years in Prison.” (This “Salvadoran national” known as “Tremendo” is already doing a stretch in state prison. During his time in, yes, Chelsea, this Dreamer’s crimes included an attempted murder in which he “struck a victim in the head with a machete.” It’s amazing how many machete crimes we now have, isn’t it, compared to before the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.)

April 6: “Dominican National Sentenced for Illegal Reentry After Deportation/ Defendant lost lawful permanent resident status in 1989 after state drug conviction.” (By the way, this Dreamer is “currently facing state charges for distributing and trafficking cocaine.”)

April 5: “Guatemalan National Sentenced for Illegal Reentry/ Defendant has multiple prior domestic violence convictions.” (This one involved the traditional “Lynn man.”)

April 5: “Dominican National Indicted for Passport Fraud and Identity Theft.” (This illegal was using the identity of a “citizen from Puerto Rico to apply for a US passport” – stop me if you’ve heard this one before.)

April 4: “Honduran National Sentenced for Illegal Reentry After Deportation/ Defendant previously deported four times.” (Question: Does Honduras issue EBT cards to American citizens illegally present in the country? No? I didn’t think so.)

April 2: “Chinese National Sentenced for Fraudulently Obtaining a Student Visa.”

April 2: “Brazilian Couple Charged in ATM Skimming Scheme.”

April 2: “MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty to RICO Conspiracy Involving Murder/ Defendant admits responsibility for the murder of a 15-year-old in East Boston.” (That was an illegal from El Salvador with the moniker “Criminal” who was “promoted to ‘homeboy or a full member of Ms-13 as a reward for his participation in the murder.”)

This is a sampling from one of the 96 US Attorneys’ offices, in the first 17 days of this month. Imagine if every state and local prosecutor in the country put out press releases that actually told the truth about the unprecedented crime wave this horde of illegals has unleashed on this nation?

And if the media actually reported the news.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for either to happen. In the meantime, though, take heart in the fact that at least some cops are trying to Make America Great Again, one deportation at a time.

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