Leigha Genduso Perfect Fit for State Police Top Job

And now ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the next colonel of the Massachusetts State Police, Leigha Genduso.

Trooper Genduso is tanned, rested and ready to resume her rightful place at the pinnacle of the most corrupt law-enforcement agency in the United States.

This is a woman who has lived her life by the motto of the MSP — To Protect and Steal.

Who better than Leigha Genduso? Oh sure, there’s apparently an endless supply of bent cops to continue enabling the staties’ endless scandals — jackbooted thugs so crooked they need a corkscrew to get into their booze-stained jodhpurs when they roll out of bed hung over at the crack of noon.

Any number of sticky-fingered, drunk-driving, girlfriend-beating, shooting-up-the-Expressway, flashing-to-young-children Level 3 sex-offender embezzlers will be throwing their Smokey-the-Bear hats into the ring for the job as the next colonel. But unlike most of the rest of the candidates, Leigha Genduso is not a one-dimensional criminal.

She is a renaissance crook, a jack of all grifts. If she were on a football team, she’d be playing offense, defense and special teams. Crime-wise, she’s a triple- or maybe quadruple-threat.

You recall Leigha Genduso, don’t you? She was forced out as a statie last year after it came out that she was hired in spite, or maybe because, of her prior life as a career criminal and drug abuser. Another nationwide search.

Before she was sworn in and handed a badge, gun, cruiser, K-9 and $140,000 a year, Leigha was slinging drinks in hot pants at the world-famous Scuttlebutts bar in Salem, not to mention such other fine-dining establishments as Funky Murphy’s and Centerfolds.

But those were just her day jobs. In her spare time, La Genduso was a) a gangster’s moll, b) a drug kingpin, c) a money launderer, d) an income-tax evader, and e) a “perjurizer,” as she put it, before a federal grand jury probing organized crime.

The MSP’s nationwide search for Leigha began and ended inside the town limits of what is Ground Zero for political corruption in Massachusetts — Shrewsbury. That’s the hometown of both Leigha and her BFF, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito. (Check out all their photos together on social media.)

It also didn’t hurt that after she ratted her drug-dealing gangster boyfriend into federal prison, Leigha hooked up with the No. 2 guy in the State Police, a bullet-headed Neanderthal named Dan Risteen. Risteen, who just scored a three-digit license plate, bears an amazing resemblance to the TV detective Kojak, which by an amazing coincidence also happened to be the name of Leigha’s MSP dog.

There are 241,845 reasons why Leigha would want to be the next colonel, and all of them have George Washington’s picture on them. Now she’s back in the hospitality industry from which she came — I won’t name the mill, because the last time I outed her employer, a barroom brawl broke out that night. But let’s face it, whatever Leigha’s making in tips, she’s no longer in the same income bracket as her old friends in the hackerama.

Consider: Polito makes $165,000 a year. Another of Leigha’s selfie buddies, ex-Col. Marian McGovern, is collecting a pension of $165,131 a year. Her old main squeeze, Risteen, is grabbing $160,389 in his kiss in the mail, and his MSP buddy (and fellow bit player in “The Departed”) Frank Hughes is pocketing $174,868.

The MSP, we know, is trying to upgrade its technology, and not just so it can destroy incriminating evidence involving its felonious time sheets in a more timely, statute-of-limitations-friendly fashion.

Who better to preside over these technological upgrades than Leigha Genduso, who in addition to her other underworld accomplishments developed the nation’s premier website for outing drug informants in organized-crime cases, WhosARat.com.

She was asked by the grand jury who came up with that name for the site her gangster boyfriend set up.

“Oh, I did!” Trooper Genduso testified. “I said the name as a joke and he stuck with it. That was me!”

Leigha Genduso: She hasn’t just studied crime, she’s lived it. The staties are dirty, but how many of them have first-hand experience laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money deposits?

“It was always under the sum of $10,000… Because anything over $10,000 will get you reported by the bank to the IRS.”

Col. Leigha Genduso — has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Drinks are on WhosARat.com at Scuttlebutts!

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