Left’s critique of Gross shows their mob mentality

In case you missed the slew of outraged tweets, let me tell you about the Left’s latest grievance: Boston Police Commissioner William Gross met with Attorney General William Barr.

The two Williams took a friendly photo together, smiling.

Naturally, chaos ensued.

Blue checkmarks like Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey rushed to their iPhones to craft their best version of a tweet that would both condemn the meeting and also remind their base that they hate Trump (and anyone associated with him) more than the next guy.

Sadly, this is where we’re at in American politics.

If the mob doesn’t approve of a photo of two people, they will furiously bang their keyboards until they receive some sort of apology.

It should be noted that even after the offending party grovels in self-abnegation, it is unlikely the mob will forgive them.

But maybe, just maybe, if they kowtow enough, the angry tweeters won’t demand they be fired from their job.

Keep in mind, it wasn’t just Commissioner Gross who had to repent for the photo.

All of the local Democrats had to issue statements in which they assured their base that they were equally disturbed by the picture.

Mayor Marty Walsh tweeted, “Attorney General Barr and the Trump Administration do not share Boston’s values or my values. His actions and general lack of respect for people and their rights are a danger to our city and the future of our country.”

A spokesperson for the mayor also revealed that Walsh had advised the police commissioner against meeting with Barr.

Isn’t it nice to know that while Boston burns and our economy plummets, Mayor Walsh is spending his time advising Commissioner Gross on who he should and should not be meeting with?

That’s why we pay Marty the big bucks … $200,000 a year!

There was so much “backlash” from the meeting, that eventually Commissioner Gross felt the need to explain his point of view on the issue.

One thing he said stood out, especially given today’s polarized political climate.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to anybody. I’ll be damned if I’m going to hide from a conversation with anyone.”

And that is where Gross radically splits from 2020 Democrats.

The commissioner isn’t afraid.

He isn’t scared to talk with a man he disagrees with. He isn’t worried about receiving criticism in a few Boston Globe think pieces.

But the Left operates on people being afraid.

If Mayor Marty Walsh wasn’t terrified of the mob, he might actually stand up to them once in a while.

Gross, unlike Walsh, is open to conversation.

Unfortunately for the commissioner, that is not what the Left wants.

They prefer censorship or even better — silence.

That is why they are obsessed with canceling people they disagree with.

Take, for example, Tucker Carlson.

Say what you want about the Fox host — he is unafraid.

If someone disagrees with him, he is more than happy to invite them on his program.

And unlike his contemporaries in the media, he is and always has been adamantly opposed to cancel culture.

Ironically, Tucker’s contemporaries, like Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta, would love nothing more than for him to be taken off television.

They have spent their careers tirelessly trying to make it happen.

Besides Tucker’s much higher ratings, what are his adversaries so especially afraid of?

The answer is simple: They are afraid that in a battle of ideas — they would lose.

So rather than debate with him, they’ve convinced themselves that they are morally superior.

Charles Krauthammer once wrote, “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

When you think your opposition is incorrect, you’ll likely quarrel back and forth. But when you think your opposition is evil, you will cease to feel the need to interact with them at all.

I’ll give the Left this, though — debates are definitely easier to win when you are the only person sitting at the table.

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