Left-Wing Talking Points! 10.5.20

If a Republican attempts to cite a legitimate news story (Hunter Biden’s Ukraine problem, Obamagate, Joe Biden’s mental decline), they are immediately accused by the press of peddling “Republican talking points.” But what about the Democrats?

Ever notice how the liberals always seem to be on the same page? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Brian Stelter was sending out a separate newsletter to his friends in the mainstream media.

So I decided to compile some of my personal favorite phrases that seem to catch on like wildfire with the “journalists” in the MSM.

*This is an evolving list. Please feel free to tweet me your favorites and I’ll add them. *

1. Comparing Trump to a dictator.

Just this week, Joy Behar remarked that the President’s motorcade was “was right out of a dictator’s playbook, you know.”I don’t know Joy. And honestly, I don’t think you know either.

New York staff writer Masha Gessen took it a step further while appearing on Reliable Sources.“The particular period I am thinking about is something I have written about a lot, which were the days of Stalin’s deathwatch. Right?”

I’m guessing we will have a Hitler comparison by 5pm (unless Scarborough has already covered it this AM–like most people, I do not watch Morning Joe).

2. Bombshells.

Whether it is Trump’s taxes or The Atlantic’s “suckers and losers” story—the media are always hyping their bombshell of the week—sometimes the day.
They’re always trying to convince America that this is it. This is the story that will take Trump down. Don Voyage as the NY Post once put it—in 2015! Unfortunately for Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper, despite their fervent wishes, none of these breaking stories seem to last more than a few days.

Bloomberg: Trump’s Covid Bombshell Upends His CampaignCNN: Tax bombshell reveals Trump’s image is a sham
Forbes: Military Households Still Back Trump Over Biden, Despite Bombshell Atlantic Report: Poll

3. Constitutional Crisis

Whether it was Russiagate, the impeachment circus or now contracting the coronavirus—no one has caused more constitutional crises than Donald J. Trump.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself here. 

4. Pounce, Seize, Weaponize

If Republicans call out Democrats for anything—sex scandals, failed policies, or even blackface—they are pouncing, seizing and weaponizing the story.
The Democrats are always the victims, even when they are the ones to blame.
Rather than write up all of the examples—here is a fabulous piece in the National Review!

5. Above the Law

The Democrats love to remind us ad nauseum that “no one is above the law”. But let’s break down what they really mean.

1. Donald J. Trump is below the law. Even when an alleged crime (take obstruction or collusion) cannot be proven—former Dem. Hero Bob Mueller informed America that he could not exonerate the President. The rest of us are innocent until proven guilty. Trump is guilty until proven not exonerated.

2. Plenty of groups are in fact ABOVE the law: Obamas, Clintons, Strzok, illegal aliens, Jussie Smollett – the list goes on.

Additions from the listeners:

Howie asked me to add the word “debunked” to the list. Any time the Left does not want to pay attention to a story- they claim it has been debunked. (They never explain who is doing the debunking!)

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