The Kinked Grocery Cart Under Biden’s America

Did you realize that inflation is so completely under control that Vice President Kamala Harris could brag last week that “we have reduced heating and electricity bills?”

Dementia Joe Biden took his own victory lap at the recent State of the Union address, citing government inflation stats that as soon as the speech was over were “revised” – upwards, proving that most of what Brandon had said was, as usual, arrant incoherent nonsense.

Unlike during the Trump presidency, no fact-checkers appeared to call BS on the Democrat lies. I guess all fact-checkers have all been laid off – another “grim milestone,” as state-run media said of practically everything that went wrong when 45 was POTUS.

I ask my radio audience occasionally to tell me if they agree with state-run media’s slobbering coverage of how Brandon has Whipped Inflation Now, to dust off one of Gerald Ford’s ill-fated slogans.

Speaking of the 1970’s, back in 1979, the Kinks recorded an anthem for the era titled “Low Budget.” That song could just as easily be a soundtrack for the Brandon Error, er, Era.

“Low budget sure keeps me on my toes/I count every penny and I watch where it goes.”

Let’s just go straight to the phone calls and texts, starting with a couple of reactions to Kamala’s bold statements of dropping prices for heat and electricity.

From area code 401: “I have a small house, keep the temp at 64 degrees & my natural-gas bill was $455 last month. Thank you Brandon!”

From 508: “National Grid in central MA residential rates Oct: $0.118 per kWh. November: $0.228 per kWh. December: $0.338 per kWh. Two hundred-plus percent increase!”

From 339: “Got a letter beginning of Feb. from my municipal electric company. Starting April electricity is going up another 12%.”

Eggs are down a little from their all-time highs, but not nearly enough.

From 603: “Beginning to see those Biden “I DID THAT!” stickers appearing next to egg displays at supermarket.”

From 774: “I buy the cheap $4.99 eggs. The woman in front of me w/EBT cards gets 2 dozen free-range organic at $8.49 each.”

Nick D: “I just bought a six-pack of eggs for the first time ever. Thanks Brandon!”

From 585: “Wegmans used to sell a 14-oz. can of pink salmon for $3.25. It now costs $4.50. Thanks Brandon. We’ll remember you.”

From 617: “$6.56 for a lb. of butter.”

From 508: “I’m trying to remember to ask for the old-bastard discount. It saves dough and I like the dirty looks from the man-bun cashier.”

From 619: “My kids like blueberry muffins. A 4-pack at Sprouts Market was about $3.99, now closer to $8 per 4-pack. Thanks Brandon!”

From 508: “In MA 12-packs of Heineken beer up from $15.59 to $19.59 since Biden took office.”

From 919: “Beer just went up another buck per case. Miller Lite now $20.99. Before Brandon $15.99.”

Or as the Kinks would put it: “Money is rare/There’s none to be found/So don’t think that I’m tight/If I don’t buy a round.”

Back to the calls and texts.

From 617: “5-lb. bags of peanuts in the shell I feed the birds. In the last year or so it’s gone from $4.99 to $7.99 with no end in sight.”

From 802: “Costco wild birdseed was $12.99. Now $29.99.”

From 781: “At Home Depot garden center Canadian peat moss last year was $12 for a 3-cubic-foot bale. This year $24.”

Mike: “I used to buy a six-pack of bottled tea for $6.50. Now it’s $8.50.”

Chris: “I needed a new battery for my truck. I still had the sales slip from 2017 — $109. The replacement cost me $199. I mentioned it to the guy at the auto-parts store and he said, ‘I know, I spend every day behind the counter just getting yelled at.’ One other thing: the warranty went from 5 years in 2017 to 3 years now.”

From 339: “Blue windshield-wiper fluid used to be about $1.59/gallon or even cheaper on sale. Now $2.39/gal.”

From 603: “I went to McDonald’s over the weekend and I had a quarter-pounder with cheese. The new price including tax is just under $7 which turns off to be approximately $1 per bite or mouthful.”

From 978: “Barbasol shave cream 15 oz. I’ve bought many for $1, the other day it was $2.79. Thanks Brandon.”

From 508: “My favorite place to get a bacon egg & cheese on bulkie roll before I get on 190. Under Trump $3.50. Under Biden $4.95.”

Limerick Guy: “Before New Year’s a Burger King coupon for a double cheeseburger, small fries & a soda was $3. Now the same coupon is $5.49.”

From 508: “Jan. 2020 home equity line was 2.25%. Today 7.75%. $300 a month more for nothing.”

Nate: “I buy my cat prescription cat food. I’m dealing with shrinkflation and inflation. Used to be $50 a case for the little cans like tuna fish – 6.5 oz. Then it went to $60 but they cut the size to 5.1 oz. Most recent case: $75, and the can size is down to 3 oz.”

From 508: “I was just at a mountain-bike race in Cumberland RI & the prize for the 1st person that signed up for the race was a very valuable dozen eggs. Let’s go Brandon!!!!”

For years, Whole Foods has been derided as Whole Paycheck. Now people say Hannafords has become Can’t-Affords. I guess you gotta keep a sense of humor as the Democrats try to dismantle the greatest society in human history with malice aforethought.

Times are hard, as the Kinks said back in 1979, but we’ll all survive. We just gotta learn to economize.

Personally, I’d prefer to vote these clowns out and get back to living like free Americans again.

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