Kennedys are Hyannisport hypocrites when it comes to racial, ethnic diversity

The Kennedys are “woke” – just ask ‘em.

In their latest outbreak of virtue-signaling, this family of aging juvenile delinquents is denouncing the same policies on the southern border that were enforced with nary a peep out of Hyannis Port by their hero Barry Soetoro.

Ethel Kennedy, age 90, announced she would be taking part in a hunger strike to protest… something. And then at the Independence Day parade, she donned a green jacket that said, “I really do care.”

I’m certain it was a nice jacket. I’m also pretty sure the store where she purchased it asked her to pay up front, in cash – it’s sometimes a problem down on the Cape, not to mention in Palm Beach and elsewhere, to get America’s First Family, as they were once called, to pay their bills.

But it’s very affecting, Ethel Kennedy’s sudden concern about “the help,” so to speak. Her disdain for the black and brown women who have worked for her is well-documented. Her brother-in-law Peter Lawford’s widow wrote about an incident when a black domestic once almost threw away some scribbled notes from the late Bobby.

“You stupid (n-word), don’t you know what you’re doing? You’re destroying history. Get out of my sight. You’re fired!”

Jerry Oppenheimer, the author of a biography about Ethel, recounted that story this week in a piece for the Daily Mail. He also quoted one of her white assistants who recalled Ethel saying, “’Those black people are stupid.’ I really don’t think she liked blacks or Hispanics. She couldn’t stand it if they didn’t speak English well or understand it.”

This aide, Noelle Fell, told Oppenheimer that Ethel once asked one of her Spanish-speaking maids to bring her a jar of face cream. The woman didn’t understand, and returned with some sanitary napkins. Ethel exploded in anger as the maid tried to say she was sorry.

“’I’ll show you ‘sorry,’ “Ethel said, according to Fell. Then, “Mrs. Kennedy hit her in the face, just slapped her.”

But she really does care, you understand.

It’s not just Ethel though. All the Kennedys seem to have forgotten their family’s sordid history of racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. It’s almost as if the Kennedys have suffered a collective blackout – which kind of goes with the territory, come to think of it.

How about the JFK side of the family and their annual Profiles in Courage Award, named after a book JFK claimed credit for, but didn’t actually write? (And how Kennedy is that, by the way?)

Anyway, this year the Profiles in Courage award went to a hack pol in Louisiana who tore down some Confederate statues. Odd, this newfound affection for black people by JFK’s descendants. After all, when he was president Jack used to say he was going to punish Democrats he didn’t like by making them ambassadors to some “boogie republic” in Africa.

During World War II, when the legend of PT 109 was being created, he bragged in a letter to a friend: “My story about the collision is getting better all the time. Now I’ve got a Jew and a (n-word).”

JFK’s best friend in Congress was George Smathers of Florida. They used to visit the Mob’s brothels in pre-Castro Havana together. When Smathers first ran for the Senate in 1950, he promised to represent any cop arrested for violently preventing a black person from voting in the Democrat primary in Florida. Years later, when Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in St. Augustine, Smathers offered to pay his bail if he’d leave Florida forever.

The last fundraiser JFK ever headlined was in Miami in October 1963 – for Smathers.

JFK’s first prominent Southern supporter when he ran for president was Gov. John Patterson of Alabama. Patterson campaigned with a poster of Arkansas cops beating civil-rights demonstrators outside the high school in Little Rock, and said he planned to bring the exact same kind of law ‘n’ order to Alabama. After he won, his defeated opponent, George Wallace, said, “I’ll never be out-(n-worded) again.”

These were JFK’s dear pals. That’s why he wouldn’t let Sammy Davis Jr. perform at his inauguration. He didn’t want to offend Smathers, Patterson, et al., not to mention his dear old Dad, one of the most rabid anti-Semites of the 20th century.

And don’t even get me started on Ethel Kennedy’s husband, Bobby, both a homophobe and an anti-Semite, in addition to authorizing J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI bugs on MLK Jr. One RFK story will suffice, from Seymour Hersh’s book, “The Dark Side of Camelot.”

In May 1962 Bobby, the AG, called the boss of Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood studio and asked for her to be given a couple of days off for her current picture, which was already way behind schedule. RFK wanted her to fly to New York for the president’s birthday party. The mogul, who was Jewish, refused to let MM go. Bobby responded the way he always did.

“He called me a ‘Jew bastard’ and hung up the phone on me.”

I could fill up page after page with stories like this, complete with names and dates. But I’ll close with one question for Ethel Skakel Kennedy, who after all, really does care.

“Mrs. Kennedy, you got a lot of room down there at the compound – how many illegal MS13 gangbangers, future fentanyl dealers and the next generation of Tsarnaev ‘asylees’ can we put you down for taking in and supporting until they get jobs, which will be never? One hundred? Two hundred? A thousand?”

When the phone don’t ring, ICE will know it’s Mrs. Kennedy.

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