Karyn Polito’s summer shack a $1.8M global-warming wonder

The louder a politician talks of global warming, the faster we count their multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansions.

The louder a politician talks of global warming, the faster we count their multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansions.

Lt. Gov. Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito — this means you.

With her new $1.8 million beachfront estate, she now officially becomes a Beautiful Person in the hypocritical class of Barack Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore, all of whom have spent millions on beachfront properties while endlessly predicting an imminent climate apocalypse that would wash their own secluded properties out to sea.

That is, if they really believed the BS they’re peddling.

By now you’ve heard about Pay to Play’s new mansion in Dartmouth. It’s on Ricketson’s Point, don’t you know, because multimillionaire hacks worried about sea level rise always buy their oceanfront property on “points,” the way John Kerry’s second wife’s first husband’s trust fund’s beachfront mansion used to be near Brant Point on Nantucket.

Now the Kerrys live at Seven Gates Farm, farm being the fallback address if you can’t live on a “pond,” like the Obamas on Edgartown Great Pond.

Notice how none of these pols’ addresses ever have numbers. Numbered addresses are almost as declasse as flying commercial.

I assume the new Polito mansion must be “sprawling” because they always are – hers is five bedrooms, five baths and 4,800 square feet.

In all likelihood, despite its proximity to the beach, it is on “rolling” property, because that’s required, just like the “casual elegance.”

I called Pay to Play’s cellphone number Tuesday and left her a voicemail about her new mansion.

I asked Karyn how she can justify this irresponsible hike in her carbon footprint with her new crusade against global warming, as shown by her ringing endorsement of a whopping 150% increase in the state gasoline tax — from 24 cents a gallon to as much as 62 cents a gallon, according to a Tufts University study.

I also inquired about her new mortgage on the Point, because the banks’ traditional 15- or 30-year terms would now seem unworkable, considering that John Kerry made this grim prediction in January:

“We have nine years left.”

When the phone didn’t ring, I knew it was Pay to Play getting back to me.

Maybe she was too busy promoting her Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), which is Gov. Charlie Parker’s grift to increase the state gasoline tax by 150%, without a vote by either the Legislature or the electorate.

Beyond destroying the state’s economy in their hysterical overreaction to the virus, TCI is going to be the Parker/Polito administration’s legacy.

As their loose-lipped $130,000-a-year undersecretary of climate change publicly said, TCI is part of the Polito plan to “turn the screws” on the working classes and “crush their will” by making it impossible for them to drive their cars or heat their homes.

As if that’s not enough punishment for the working classes, Polito et al. are also planning to jack up the price of a hunting license for Massachusetts sportsmen — from $47.70 a year to $170. That’ll teach those damn deplorables!

Before she moved to the Point, Polito was just another garden-variety Worcester hack.

Sure, she owned a $1.5-million lakefront mansion. But it wasn’t on a point, it was in bourgeois Shrewsbury, in a family compound, a la the Corleones.

Before she became Woke, Pay to Play gleefully posed for selfies with every shady lowlife in the state. Her BFFs included prison-bound state rep Dave Dangle, not to mention drug-dealing, money-laundering State Trooper Leigha Genduso and her dodgy lieutenant colonel boyfriend Dan Risteen, who now grabs a $161,208-a-year state pension while working for pinky-ring Local 25 Teamster thug Sean O’Brien.

Now, though, Karyn is movin’ on up.

She has $2,002,410.70 in her campaign account. Convicted felons like Tom Finneran send her hundreds of dollars. Ditto the drunken slob ex-state Senator Fat Matt Amorello, and Marty Meehan, the greed-crazed $682,000-a-year president of ZooMass.

She thinks she’s going to be the next governor, which is why she not only owns a mansion within walking distance of a “sandy white private beach,” but also can’t get enough of ordering around the hoi polloi who used to vote for her.

Remember Polito’s endless lectures during the Panic on the need for the unwashed to wear masks at all times, while she attended a maskless kegger for her niece and nephew last spring?

That Animal House party last year was at the Politos’ compound on Lake Quinsigamond. This year’s will be on … the Point.

Enjoy it while you can, Pay to Play. You may not know it yet, but your political career is over. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

And that’s the point.

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