Karoline Leavitt: Trump Indictment a “Declaration of War” | 8.2.23 – The Grace Curley Show Hour 1

The third indictment of President Donald J. Trump is nothing more than a 45-page SHAM according to guest host Karoline Leavitt. Karoline’s ardent support for the former president wavers not-at-all following the accusations brought against him yesterday evening. Will the third set of charges be the charm that sends Trump to prison? Tune in to hear Karoline’s takes. Now through Sunday, August 6, get your autographed copy of Howie Carr’s new book, Paper Boy, at the link below: https://howie-carr-show.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/pre-sale-paperboy-read-all-about-it-my-life-in-the-media


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