Karen Read case bleeped up beyond belief

Two words: Double jeopardy.

Is Karen Read protected by the Fifth Amendment or is she required to play by Norfolk County rules, which is to say, no rules or law south or west of Boston.

Now it turns out the jury in Karen Read’s murder case may have unanimously decided that she was not guilty of second-degree murder but the not-guilty verdict was not accepted because…. forget it, Jake, it’s Norfolk County.

In 3142 of the 3143 counties in the United States, there is something called the Bill of Rights to the United State Constitution, which includes the Fifth Amendment:

“No person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Except in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, apparently.

Canton is the Twilight Zone of Massachusetts, where phones randomly butt-dial each other after midnight, cops neglect to collect any exculpatory evidence, drive drunk in their cruisers and lose their guns and badges when they’re not surreptitiously inverting videos to protect their fellow crooked cop buddies.

But still….

Hos long until some adult authorities move into Norfolk County and put the entire bleepshow into receivership, or perhaps more appropriately, martial law?

Just when you thought the Karen Read case couldn’t get any more bleeped up, now we hear that three of the 12 jurors – 25 percent of them! – are saying that last week they actually came to a unanimous not-guilty verdict on the second-degree murder charges.

And that the hack $207,855-a-year hack judge, Auntie Bev Cannone, then declared a mistrial, a hung jury, so that her hack Democrat cronies would get another chance at framing her.

How Third World is it? It’s Norfolk County.

Even though, I repeat, the verdict to acquit on two of the three charges was unanimous.

This bombshell was filed in a motion to dismiss the charges of murder and leaving the scene of the accident. It was filed, not by Karen Read’s defense team, but by veteran Boston attorney Marty Weinberg, who’s been around so long that Jerry Angiulo used to make anti-Semitic slurs about him on the Dog House tapes.

Weinberg had to file the motion because now Alan Jackson and David Yannetti will likely be witnesses in a hearing to discuss this unprecedented occurrence.

Weinberg seems to handle mostly federal cases. I wonder why a federal attorney was picked to represent a framed defendant in this burgeoning Democrat corruption scandal…

Here is one of the text messages from “Juror B,” as reported under oath by Yannetti:

“I thought the prosecution didn’t prove the case. No one thought she hit him on purpose.”

No one! A murder conviction would obviously require that it was done “on purpose.”

Here was the report of someone who talked to “Juror C”:

“The whole jury felt very intimidated by Higgins’ (sic) presence at the end.”

The intermediary, as he was described, seems to have misidentified the cop-thug Higgins for the cop-thug Brian Albert. That retired thug-cop, who now at age 55 pockets a Boston city pension of $100,000 a year, did show up.

With him, he brought his kid-thug nephew Colin Albert (son of Canton selectman Jailbird Chris Albert). Also showing up to intimidate the jury was the mob’s Ma Barker, Jennifer “McTooth” McCabe, who texted “Hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 a.m., hours before John O’Keefe’s body was found on Brian Albert’s front lawn.

Remember, even before deliberations began, it was discovered by Read’s lawyers that the jurors had been given verdict slips that didn’t include an option of “Not guilty” on the murder-two charge.

It appears the Norfolk County Democrats wanted to reform Read… with a rope!

I always say, it’s not that every judge in Massachusetts is an unemployable, corrupt hack. It’s just that 98 percent of them who give such a bad rap to the honest 2 percent.

Cannone comes right out of Central Casting for hack judges. Age 63, second generation hack, never worked a day – not even an hour – in the Dreaded Private Sector.

Her brother’s a hack too – he got Jailbird Chris Albert off with six months in 1994 after he killed a foreign exchange student in an early-morning accident and then ran away and hid until… well, you figure out why Jailbird Chris, now a selectman in Canton, needed a few hours before he turned himself in to The Law.

Cannone is from Quincy, just like the bloated hack district attorney, Meatball Mike Morrissey.

Now the Quincy courthouse gang has been busted trying to fix this case – again!

Please, US Attorney Josh Levy, it’s time to step in, if necessary with US marshals. This cannot stand.

Another thing I’ve always said – from personal experience in Massachusetts courts – is that in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

I’m going to have to amend that statement:

In the halls of justice in Norfolk County, even in the halls of justice the only justice comes not in the halls, but only when the G-men arrive from Boston and slap the handcuffs on every last one of those crapulous Canton conehead cops, not to mention all of their bloated pinky-ring hack bosses from Quincy.

Proctor, the Mr. Big of the crapulous corrupt Canton cone head cop, was suspended without pay yesterday by the State Police.

Key words: Without pay.

One down, many, many more to go.

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