Nancy Pelosi spars with…Chris Cuomo?! [VIDEO]

If there were ever a time to bring out the giant hook and yank someone off the stage, now would be it.

Yes Nancy. I’m talking to you.

Girl has been on a downhill slide for a while but her latest public appearances have been particularly eyebrow-raising.

It all started with her “crumbs” comment. Comparing $1,000 bonuses to crumbs might seem like an obvious PR disaster, but apparently Pelosi didn’t think so. Why? Because she doubled down even after receiving backlash.

But her latest episode is even more concerning than her complete out-of-touch mentality and Marie Antoinette-esque attitude.

Because now, like angry lady at Bingo, Pelosi is getting defensive and snippy with her OWN supporters (AKA CNN).

Check out this feisty clip of Nancy telling Chris Cuomo he “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Love how she drops the “with all due respect” line on Chris. She might as well of said, “With all due respect you stupid idiot,”

Why so angry Nancy? That is not the youthful, energized, optimistic front the Democratic party is trying to exert.

Maybe they had a meeting and decided to go another route. After all, incoherent, condescending and bitter could really rally the moon bat troops into action.

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