John Kerry, Anthony Fauci have overstayed their hack jobs

If Anthony Fauci is finally, FINALLY headed for the exit, can John Forbes Kerry be far behind?

If Anthony Fauci is finally, finally headed for the exit, can John Forbes Kerry be far behind?

These two pampered pukes have been slurping at the public trough longer than most Americans have been alive — often wrong, but never in doubt.

You know, it’s one thing to feed at the public trough. These two Beltway banditos have been licking the plate.

I always thought it would take the Jaws of Life to pry this pair of superannuated hacks — combined age: 159 years — off the public mammary.

Over the weekend, it was Fauci who went on state-run media to tell his fellow Democrat operatives that he won’t be around forever. Can we get that in writing, Doc — and notarized, too?

The next day, Fauci of course tried to walk it back, much like he always does, over and over and over again, with masks, vaccines, travel bans and all the other preposterous lockdown mandates since he ginned up the Panic in 2020.

“I’m not going to retire,” he said, stamping his little 81-year-old feet. “No, no, I’m not going to retire. I may step down from my current position at some time … I have other things I want to do.”

What both he and Kerry want to do is avoid getting a subpoena from Congressional Republicans to testify, under oath, about their squalid careers.

Consider Fauci’s peril. If the GOP takes over the Senate, Rand Paul may personally hand-deliver him a subpoena to appear for a discussion of, among other things, gain-of-function research in Red China, his “royalty payments” from Big Pharma, the torture, er, research on beagles, etc.

For the last two years, whenever Paul punched Fauci into a corner and started pummeling him, the Democrat chairman — the ref — would step in, separate the combatants and send Paul to the opposite corner.

There will be none of that with Chairman Paul. Which is why Fauci is about to take it on the lam.

As for John Kerry, the climate envoy, there will be a photo finish between House and Senate Republicans to see who can subpoena that supercilious snot first.

On the Senate side, Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska is just itching to get a shot at Liveshot and his dreams of returning to a pre-Industrial Age economy, for you and me, but not him and the rest of the Beautiful People. Meanwhile, Texas Rep. Chip Roy has filed legislation to get a look at Kerry’s no-doubt bloated Foggy Bottom payroll.

Liveshot’s favorite fanzine has always been the Boston Globe, and last week his bow-tied bumkissers reported that he is “somewhat evasive” about how long he plans to remain on the jet, I mean, the job.

The story has the usual apocalyptic predictions about the planet, leavened with the customary slobbering by his Democrat fluffers:

“There is less than a decade left … (America’s Gigolo) tapped into his well-honed diplomatic skills … hoping to turbocharge efforts …”

Who’s buying this? The only reason he’s still on the job, such as it is, is that the insane energy policies of the Brandon regime have “turbocharged” the price of jet fuel, even for his second wife’s first husband’s trust fund.

Just yesterday, Fox News reported on the recent aeronautic adventures of his personal Gulfstream GIV-SP, the Flying Squirrel:

“John Kerry’s family private jet emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since Biden took office.”

But he can’t be traveling with the hoi polloi, don’t you know. As Liveshot once described his carbon footprint, equal to a mid-sized European nation: “It’s the only choice for someone like me.”

His next junket is to Berlin, and one of his payroll Charlies told Fox that he will not be flying by private plane — wink wink nudge nudge.

“Secretary Kerry travels commercially or via military air in his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.”

Military air? Does anyone believe His Nibs is flying on a cargo or a transport ship?

The State Department has told this newspaper that it can’t turn over Kerry’s payroll before October 2024. But he’ll be long gone by then. So will Biden, most likely. He turns 80 in November, just after the midterms.

If the Democrats lose the House, Nancy Pelosi, age 82, will fade out too, as well as her majority leader, 83-year-old Steny Hoyer. Next in line to the presidency after Pelosi is Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont, age 82. He’ll be gone too come January – he has a broken hip and he’s not running for reelection.

All the Beautiful People are already stampeding for the exits. One of the Democrats’ academic hacks has been Pamela Karlan, a law professor at Stanford. She testified at one of the Trump impeachments. She was still getting paid over a million dollars a year by Stanford as she double-dipped as an assistant attorney general in the Department of Just-us, I mean Justice.

Earlier this month, a day before Just-us complied with a FOIA request by a conservative group about her unusual, shall we say, ethical arrangements, she fled the swamp.

At Stanford, Karlan was attached to the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society – you can’t make this stuff up, a double-dipper Bidenite who’s a specialist in ethics. Hunter Biden could not be reached for comment.

What’s the best word to describe this Biden regime of wrinkly, sticky-fingered crooks – kleptocracy or gerontocracy?

Whatever you call it, John Kerry is in the middle of this ongoing catastrophe, for better or for worse, but not for long.

How can we miss him when he won’t go away?

After the Fox News story broke, Sen. Sullivan tweeted out:

“John Kerry is one of the single biggest polluters & GHG (greenhouse gas) emitters in the world. Once again, I call for him to resign.”

Sen. Sullivan, I believe you’re going to get your wish!

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