Joe Kennedy’s tweet on sexual assault insensitivity is a bit much

Should any member of the Kennedy family be lecturing any other politician about insensitivity to the rape and abuse of females?

I’m talking to you, Rep. Joe Kennedy III – JoJoJo – my Congressman.

On Friday morning, the president tweeted out, re: the Kavanaugh-Ford contretemps: “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time and place!”

To which JoJoJo responded:

“2 of 3 sexual assaults are never reported. Might have something to do with the fact that for every 1,000 rapes, 994 perpetrators walk free. And the fact that men in power make statements like this one.”

Maybe I missed it, but has JoJoJo tweeted out any denunciations of his House colleague, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who is also vice chairman of the DNC? Ellison, a Muslim who used to hang out with rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, has been accused by two of his ex-girlfriends of physical abuse, and there are 911 calls from the terrified, bruised women on the record.

Has JoJoJo ever commented on Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, who has admitted using his ex-wife as a punching bag, giving her a black eye – “it caused some discoloration of her left eye and some puffiness.”

Better put some ice on it, Mrs. Carper. Oh sorry, wrong Democrat pol – that was President Clinton’s medical tip to Juanita Broaddrick after he raped her. JoJoJo has never tweeted about that Democrat sex crime either.

How about Sen. Sherrod Brown, extinguished Democrat of Ohio. His ex-wife once filed court documents saying that “he struck and bullied me on several occasions.”

Lucky for Brown the cops didn’t also charge him with impersonating a Kennedy!

How about New Jersey, where Sen. Corey “Spartacus” Booker has admitted to groping a woman at age 15? And how old were those working girls Sen. Bob Menendez was accused of partying with down in the Dominican Republic? How about the Democrat sheriff of Bergen County who was recently recorded on tape speculating about the sexual preferences of the state’s new unmarried female lieutenant governor?

More crickets from JoJoJo about all the above stalwarts of the Garden State Democrat party.

But it’s even more disingenuous for JoJoJo to be pitting the blast on anyone else, given his own family’s sordid record of abusing women.

Starting with his own father, a hot-tempered moron named Joseph P. Kennedy II. He put Pam Kelley in a wheelchair for life in 1973 on Nantucket in a Jeep accident. Then he hooked up with JoJoJo’s mother, Sheila Rauch. JoJoJo’s mom later detailed in a book how his father had “bullied” her and how frightened she had been by his misogynistic thuggery and volcanic temper.

When Joe II tried to run for governor in 1997, his campaign manager was his brother Michael Kennedy. Michael was about to be indicted in Norfolk County for statutory rape. But his victim, the family babysitter whom he’d started raping when she was 14, refused to testify.

Hey JoJoJo, put down your Uncle Mike as one of those 994 of 1000 “perpetrators” who walk free. His crimes should be added to those 2 out of every 3 rapes never prosecuted.

Then there’s your cousin William Kennedy Smith. I once saw cousin Willie strolling into St. Edward’s in Palm Beach one Sunday morning with your dad. Willie needed divine intervention, because at the time he was on trial in West Palm for raping a young mother in Palm Beach.

Willie beat that rap after the judge refused to allow the jury to see sworn depositions from four other young women who claimed Cousin Willie had attacked them. A dozen years later, in Chicago, a 23-year-old woman accused Willie of raping her. Her case was dismissed, but not before it was revealed in court that Willie had paid off three other women in his employ who’d charged him with sexual harassment.

JoJoJo, did I miss your tweets on Cousin Willie’s tawdry rap sheet?

How about cousin Michael Skakel, convicted in Connecticut of beating a 15-year-old female neighbor to death with a golf club? (His murder conviction was overturned on a technicality, and the state is trying to figure out how to make sure Cousin Mike’s victim doesn’t end up as number 995 on JoJoJo’s list of unsolved sex crimes.)

JoJoJo is the namesake of his great-great grandfather, an old-time gangster named Joe Kennedy – another serial rapist. He used to be the US ambassador to Great Britain, and forever after insisted on being called “the Ambassador.”

When his children’s female friends visited Hyannis Port, they were always warned to lock their bedroom doors at night because, as the future president JFK used to say, “The ambassador has a tendency to wander at night.”

One night in the 1940’s, a woman who was later known as Pamela Harriman was sleeping over at the compound. She was a friend of Kick Kennedy’s, and she was also the daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill. Joe broke into her bedroom and raped Winston Churchill’s daughter-in-law – Truman Capote wrote about it in Answered Prayers. Joe’s come-on line as he climbed into bed with his female victims – “this is going to be something you’ll always remember.”

JoJoJo, the next time you consider lecturing anyone else about sexual propriety, I hope this column is something you’ll always remember.

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