Joe Kennedy: The Non-Profit Hack


Looks like the one Democrat who needed a job from the Blundering Biden administration did not get a call.  Joe 3.0 Kennedy not only lost to the Ice Cream Man –Ed Markey, but now he lost to the likes of Marty Walsh and Stephanie Pollack who were chosen for high profile positions.  Once again, he got the bagel.

So what is a Kennedy to do when out of office, not taking a public paycheck, and having to reimburse his campaign $1.5 million misuse of funds?

When Biden did not come knocking, 3.0 could not get a job in the private sector.  Not to worry this Kennedy has a plan.

Just like Daddy created Citizens Energy, 3.0 has established his own non-profit entity to raise money to pay his salary.  As you know, the poor destitute Kennedy is desperate for funds.  After working as an Assistant District Attorney and then only doing eight years in Congress, he’s probably not a self-made millionaire.  However, when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar misusing campaign funds, he was able to write a personal check.  It must have wiped him out.  Don’t shed a tear for the trust fund baby.

Loser Kennedy has just put out his first begging email for the “Groundwork Project.”  He writes:

“As my time in Congress came to a close, I found one thing weighing heavy on my mind: What do I do with this amazing network of supporters, volunteers, donors, digital followers, staffers and friends?”

Let me translate.  3.0 sat by the phone for months hoping Biden would call, but the power of the Kennedy name is long gone with the disastrous loss to Ice Cream Man Markey.

3.0 further writes: “With no plans to run for office again anytime soon, how can I re-channel the resources that I was so lucky to have towards people and causes that need and deserve this same kind of support?  Most importantly, how can the community we built, together, stay in the fight, together?”

Translation:  Loser Kennedy is going to run again for office, and he wants to keep his donor base intact along with getting a fat paycheck to reimburse his trust fund.

What does 3.0 want the funds for?  Of course, he neglects to mention administrative costs.  Hence, it is easy to conclude that he will follow in Daddy’s footsteps.  As you may remember, Daddy Kennedy earned over $500,000 while his wife took down $300,000 from Joe for Oil.  We will have to wait and see if 3.0’s wife ends up on the payroll.  My bet is she does.

He claims the money will be dedicated to “supporting organizers, advocates, and activists on the  ground – in Massachusetts and across the country – who show up year-round to engage and educate voters, build trust in their communities, and work towards a more progressive future.”  

Once again, let me translate.  3.0 wants to keep his campaign staff paid and throw money to local activists to buy their support for his next run for office.  

I love his parting line.  “More soon.”  I will translate again.  More begging emails for salaries to follow.

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