Joe Biden’s cat, and other key issues of the day

If only the media had been as excited about President Trump’s peace deals in the Middle East as they are about Joe Biden’s potential new cat, then maybe we could take them seriously.

But alas, the Trump administration’s successes in foreign policy, justice reform and job creation did not tickle CNN’s fancy as much as the news about a future feline in the White House.

If Biden chooses a really cute cat, maybe he’ll be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for the adoption.

But it isn’t just cats that are responsible for Joe’s fawning press coverage.

Dogs are playing a vital role as well!

Oh, did you miss that breaking news?

Biden was seen sporting some funky socks at a recent no-questions-allowed presser.

Jennifer Epstein, political reporter at Bloomberg News, tweeted “George H.W. Bush was known for his socks, maybe Biden will be too? Today he wore dark blue socks adorned with lighter blue dogs. (Yes, there are plenty of more substantive things to tweet about but we can have some fun sometimes too.)”

Fun — like civility — is feasible and even encouraged when a Democrat is in the White House.

Other lighthearted storylines that will likely make a comeback now that the Bidens are in office?

I’m sure stories about president’s playlists will return to the scene (full of musicians and songs that Joe has most definitely never heard of).

Magazines will undoubtedly run pages of flattering pieces on Dr. Jill’s down-to-earth fashion finds.

Who knows, maybe President Obama will make a return to the White House to shoot some BuzzFeed sketches with Joe.

The left has been desperately pining for this imminent “return to normalcy.”

In reality, it will simply be a return to hero-worshipping.

The only difference being, America has had four years of watching the press hound Donald Trump.

The post-Orange Man puffery will make the press’ bias that much clearer.

Sure, there were some embarrassing softballs during the Obama administration.

CNN’s bravest correspondent Jim Acosta once asked this hard-hitting question of 44, “I wanted to ask you about what some people are calling ‘your best week ever’ last week.”

But even with those cringeworthy moments in mind, there is no question that Biden’s coverage is in a league of its own.

Compared to Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were put through the wringer by the press.

When most candidates would have been asked about their delinquent child’s laptop from hell — Joe Biden was asked about his milkshake preferences.

The press tried to feign fairness with other Democrat frontrunners, but they knew Biden’s candidacy could not handle any kind of heat.

Biden, exceptionally feeble and flawed, needed the press to roll him over the finish line.

And according to their own declarations, they succeeded.

President-elect Joe Biden is done fantasizing about “beating the hell” out of Trump or taking him behind “the gym.”

Now, the former vice president has far more important things to do — like ushering in a new day for America and healing the division in our country.

I thought a Biden victory would cause the media to take their foot off the gas.

If the MSNBC-approved candidate won, as they keep insisting he did, can’t they pretend to be journalists again?

The short answer is apparently not.

MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor, when discussing Biden’s team that includes John Kerry and Antony Blinken, said, “The other thing I will just say is I was talking to a Democrat who just said this also felt like the Avengers, it felt like we are being rescued from this, this craziness we’ve all lived through these past four years and now here are the superheroes to come and save us all.”

The DNC cheerleaders are not backing down. If anything they are doubling down.

The press has no time to worry about Hunter Biden’s laptop or voter fraud or Joe’s cognitive decline.

Can you blame them? They are up to their eyeballs in furry bombshells, funky socks and black and white frappes.

Joe Biden didn’t save us from anything.

But the press certainly saved him from everything.

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