Joe Biden would have Founding Fathers rethinking independence

On America’s 245th birthday, will Dementia Joe Biden attempt another stirring rendition of the Declaration of Independence?

On America’s 245th birthday, will Dementia Joe Biden attempt another stirring rendition of the Declaration of Independence?

Who can forget his memorable oration last year before the primaries on Super Tuesday (or, as President Biden called it, “Super Thursday”).

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” Biden said. “All men and woman created by — you know, you know, the thing …”

He keeps trying. In May Biden got as far as “life, liberty,” then ended with “et cetera.” No mention of the next phrase: “pursuit of happiness.” Wonder why.

What would the Founding Fathers think on this Independence Day if they could watch Dementia Joe incoherently babbling through one press conference after another?

King George III might not seem quite so bad after all.

As time goes by, Biden seems ever more … not all there. He confuses the nations of Libya and Syria — three times in 94 seconds. He describes his secretary of state as his “foreign minister.”

He confused, yet again, the Tuskegee Experiment with the Tuskegee Airmen. He thinks Maine Sen. Susan Collins is from New Hampshire.

He called Maxine Waters “Maxine Walters,” and then urged the 82-year-old to run for the Senate. (Was he confusing “Walters” with Rep. Val Demings, who is running, in Florida, not California?)

Asked about Afghanistan on Friday, Biden said, “I think I met with uh the Afghan government here in the White House in the Oval …”

That was last week. And he can barely remember it? When the reporters tried to ask him a follow-up question, he brushed them off.

“I wanna talk about happy things, man.”

He lies, over and over again, with aplomb. His great-grandfather was a coal miner. On Jan. 6, “literally criminals … killed a police officer.” Where are the fact-checkers now?

Former President George W. Bush used to talk about “the soft bigotry of low expectations” for minorities.

Recently Dementia Joe informed us that grocery stores in Black neighborhoods often don’t sell “fresh vegetables.” He said Hispanic women aren’t getting the COVID-19 jabs because “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

Imagine if former President Donald Trump had said that. Imagine if Orange Man Bad said one-tenth of what Dementia Joe gets away with.

Biden can’t even read from the teleprompter, or his prepared notes. He called cartels “carters.”

He called participants “precipitants.” Apps become “apts.” Families are “famines.”

Here’s a compilation of some of his recent screw-ups with prepared copy. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“To support developing companies countries … By harassing the full potential of uh those who are harassing … We rallied our fellow democracies to make concert commitments, con- con-concerted commitments … this agreement singles, signals to the world … You know uh I uh I think I thank everyone … We’re moving forward on a major on a majority basis … so-called reconciliation progress process… I’d like to take uh thank Gayle …”

The gay pride event at the White House was typical. Dementia Joe tried to introduce his gay transportation secretary, but couldn’t remember Pete Buttigieg’s name.

Then Biden mentioned the assistant HHS secretary, Rachel Levine — “the first openly transgenster person confirmed to the U.S. Senate.”

Not by the Senate, but “to” the Senate. And yes, he said “transgenster.”

Next Dementia Joe talked about the community that was being feted.

First he described it as the “LBTTLGBTQ plus community.”

Then he called it the “LBLGBTQ-plus community.”

Then it was the “LGBT special Q plus” community.

Then it was the “LGBT plus community plus community.”

Here are a few more of Joe’s latest Greatest Hits:

“Please visit wecandothis dot hhs dot governor gov excuse me.”

“This year uh you know 21 large uncontained fires were burning. This year there are 36 that are uncontained and burning.”

“The National Ocean the National Oceanagraph Ocean Ocean Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA.”

“It’s now the most common variant in America and here.”

“Some judgment’s coming out that you may be able to communicate the vaccine the the uh the uh um the uh new variant to your pet so I say that not totally facetiously …”

“And so what I’ve because uh let me be clear.”

“Upgrading the power grid to be more even more energy efficient and resilient and extreme weather to be able to sustain extreme weather and the climate crisis.”

“This year we’re gonna provide a retention incentive that’s gonna ensure federal wet uh wildland fire er uh firefighters are making at least $15 an hour.”

“They come along with the combustion engine. You needed to be able to put gas in the engine in the car the tank. Well guess what you had to build gas stations.”

“Clean energy tax cuts clean energy and tax cuts for American families and much more.”

“This job this jobs the job that are gonna be created here.”

“Five per 50 years 50 percent of our bridges are over 50 years old.”

“Our recovery’s created an average $600,000 — six dollars I wish they probably wish those 600,000 jobs paid $600,000 a year.”

“Well it’s getting close to afternoon here. The sun is coming out.”

“Power outages cost the U.S. economy up to now this is you know we know this but you you add it up it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal.”

“This is much already this much is already clear we’re on track we’re on the right track.”

We’re on the right track? Do you think the Founding Fathers would agree on this July 4th? I think they might instead be saying:

“God Save the King!”

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