James Clapper has right to remain silent … please, stay silent

James Clapper is never the smartest man in the room, even when he’s all alone, by himself, in solitary confinement, which he may very well soon be.

But Thursday night, after the corrupt, lying former director of national intelligence got the word on live television that the feds have opened a criminal probe into the Russian collusion hoax, the co-conspirator suffered a meltdown for the ages.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“Well, I should I you know be very curious since presumably I I uh I guess uh I’m one of those under investigation and I I uh don’t know–“

The host cut in: “And you just heard about this?”

“Yes,” the below-average tongue-tied thug stuttered, beads of flop sweat forming on his pasty  brow, “I just uh uh you know read the clip um about 20 minutes ago um I found the timing interesting given uh the uh increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry and so uh it it uh the timing’s interesting, I’ll just let it go at that.”

To a battle of wits he comes unarmed. And as always Clapper has it exactly backwards. The probe into the greatest political scandal in American history – the Democrats’ attempt to overthrow the elected government of the United States – has been going on for years, almost as long as the Obama administration’s slow-motion Third World-style coup d’etat against  President Trump.

In fact, the Ukraine hoax was concocted to cover up the scandal Clapper finds himself embroiled in — not the other way around.

The whole Schiff-Nadler-Pelosi-Schumer “impeachment inquiry” is merely the latest iteration of the emoluments clause, or faithless electors, or the Logan Act, or the 25th amendment – the Deep State is desperately trying to delay the moment of reckoning, when they are brought before the bar of justice.

Granted, Clapper is a very stupid person who worked for another very stupid person, Barack Obama, who believed there were 57 states, who thought Austrian was the national language of Austria, who explained how they spoke Arabic in Afghanistan – the fish rots from the head, as a Democrat statesman from Massachusetts once said.

Still, even dim-bulb Obama’s director of national “intelligence” should be able to lie in complete sentences. But no. The Democrat host asked his dear friend Clapper if he had any clue why he might soon being checking into the Graybar Hotel.

“No I don’t uh that’s uh uh obviously an item of great interest to me uh what, what is it that any of us did that that uh would rise to the level of uh a criminal infraction I I just don’t know.”

Let us refresh your recollection then. Even before the announcement of the criminal inquiry, Clapper already had to be reaching for the Depends after the latest court filings in the case of Gen. Michael Flynn, framed by dirty Democrat cops in the FBI and the DOJ.

Gen. Flynn’s new lawyer now claims, in court documents, that the FBI falsified interview reports — 302’s — and basically framed the three-star combat veteran, using Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent “dossier,” which the feds knew was utterly bogus, as a reason to set him up – because he worked for Donald Trump.

“We can use it as a pretext to go interview some people,” crooked FBI agent Peter Strzok texted to his married girlfriend.

But wait, it gets worse. After another gangster G-man feloniously leaked a transcript of a White House phone conversation to one more Democrat operative at the Washington Post, Flynn’s lawyer said in her court pleading last week that Clapper then called up the crooked scribe and urged him to “take a kill shot” against the decorated general.

Take a kill shot!

“The other thing I, I wonder about,” Clapper babbled incoherently on TV, “is whether we’re talking about the overall uh investigation of the Russian uh reporting – reporting on the Russian interference, or are we talking about the counterintelligence investigation that was launched in July by the FBI about the potential uh engagement uh collusion whatever you what to call it –“

I call it conspiracy, Clapper. What a clown. He and the rest of the pampered pukes at the FBI and CIA and DOJ have given themselves the kill shot they wanted to give all of us deplorables.

One last thing, Mr. Clapper: You have the right to remain silent….

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