It’s Not the MAGA Hat

It’s not the MAGA hat.

I know, I know, Nick Sandmann’s MAGA hat has lit up the Internet, inspiring thousands of tweets, think pieces, death threats, and hot takes galore. And Nathan Phillips, the left-wing activist and stolen valor opportunist, might have banged his drum in Sandmann’s face, as opposed to the other Covington students’ faces, because of the hat.

But focusing on Sandmann’s travails misses the broader trend of anti-Trump bigotry among liberal Democrats in America.

The MAGA cap, which has been dubbed the new Klan hood by some bright lights on the left, was merely a signal — a signal that Sandmann was guilty of wrong think.

Sandmann is hardly the first to feel the wrath of Trump Deranged lunatics for the crime of engaging in American politics in a manner the left disapproves.

Today we have the story of Staff Sgt. Jake Talbot, an Army veteran who made the grave mistake of wearing a “Trump for President” shirt to his Troy, Mo. gym. The tolerant lib owner ordered him not to wear that shirt because it was “racist.”

Liz Drew, the owner of the gym, took to Facebook in a now deleted post to defend her bigotry.

“I will personally and publicly continue to defend my stance for tolerance and against hate no matter the financial consequence,” said Drew (my emphasis).

Tolerance, as we’ve come to learn, is reserved only for those who believe in open borders, 60+ genders, and whatever new poppycock the left has cooked up in the latest Intersectional Politics 101 seminar.

“I don’t believe our gym should be a political forum for anyone,” Drew decalred.

(The gym is, apparently, a First Amendment Free Zone, though I doubt any Hope and Change t-shirts ever inspired this reaction.)

But there are many more examples of good little libs ostracizing, excoriating, and even violently attacking American citizens who make the mistake of admitting to supporting Trump — or simply fitting the demographic profile of someone who might.

Last April in Washington, D.C., a Trump supporter was assaulted for merely vocalizing her support of the Commander in Chief.

Ditto for Tim Hildebrand, who was assaulted by Mike Ness, the guitar-player of his favorite band, for daring to utter pro-Trump words.

Even Trump bumperstickers have inspired left-wing violence against Trump supporters.

And let’s not forget the mentally disabled Chicago teen, assaulted by his fellow teens in a spasm of Trump induced rage merely because he was white.

I’m sure the political media isn’t done processing the Covington Affair — and that’s good; they should spend some time reflecting on how their anti-Trump biases and basic journalistic failures whipped them up in a feverish mob hell bent on ruining the lives of innocent young men.

But Nick Sandmann and his ball cap are just singular data points in a broader trend of bigotry and political violence brought against those Americans Hillary Clinton tattooed as deplorables.

It’s not the MAGA hat — it’s the Left.

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