It’s Bidenflation, not Roe v. Wade

The Deep State keeps trying to change the subject — abortion! free speech on Twitter! Ukraine! Jan. 6! student loan forgiveness for deadbeat Democrats!

The Deep State keeps trying to change the subject — abortion! free speech on Twitter! Ukraine! Jan. 6! student loan forgiveness for deadbeat Democrats! – but the only issue that is going to matter in November is inflation.

Or should I say, Bidenflation.

The Democrats are setting up a new Ministry of Truth to trash the First Amendment, but the Beautiful People’s thought police can’t cancel the skyrocketing prices at the supermarkets, or at the gas pumps.

And if you’ve checked out your 401(K) or IRA statements recently, don’t. Because you’re going to be very, very sad.

Every week, I ask my listeners what they could like to thank “Brandon” for. They are never at a loss for words. Their wallets may increasingly be empty, but their rage grows ever hotter.

Let’s go straight to the phone and text lines:

Area code 603: “Just at Market Basket. Almost dropped dead at the price of eggs! $4.59 for 18-pack. Up almost 2 bucks. Thanks again Brandon!”

From 781: “I bought mayonnaise about a month ago when I was stocking up on food. It was on sale for $2.99 for a 30-oz. jar. Luckily I bought a 2-year supply. At the same story today it was ON SALE — $6.49 for the same 30-oz. jar. WOW!”

From 207: “I drove by a home-heating oil company this morning and the price on their sign outside was $5.719 a gallon. Tonight I drive home by the same sign and now it’s $5.999 per gallon.”

From 508: “$6.25 in Spencer for diesel.”

From 774: “Friday at Roche Bros. limes 2/$3, one orange $1.79. Last year at Trader Joe’s limes 4/$1. That’s a 600% increase!”

From 978: “On 12/20/20 125 gallons of home heating oil delivered was $202.50, today $743.75. Thanks Brandon.”

From 513: “Grass-fed Angus beef patties 5-lb. package from Costco went from $19.49 to $29.49. I couldn’t make it there so I stopped at Aldi. Same 5-lb. package cost me $35. Thanks Brandon.”

From 606: “A particular brand of sock I buy at Rural King. In mid-Jan., a 3-pack $8.99. Today, same socks, same colors, a 2-pack is $8.99.”

From 443: “Got a breakfast bagel at WAWA today & it looked like a toy it was so small.”

From 978: “Even some of us who heat by wood have seen skyrocketing prices — $450 for a cord that used to cost $220.”

First Brandon and his caregivers said inflation was “transitory.” Then they said prices — and the supply-chain crisis — were “First World problems.” Then the excuse was that it was corporate price gouging. Then they said Americans didn’t realize how good they have it under Brandon. Then it was Putin’s price hike.

None of it works. They’ve even tried to blame Trump. Odd, isn’t it, how he was president, the greedy corporations weren’t reaping any “windfall profits,” and Russia wasn’t invading its neighbors, and you didn’t need a line of credit on your house to fill up your truck with gasoline.

This is why Brandon’s polls are under water even in Massachusetts.

Whatever you’re trying to buy, the price is going out of sight. I talked to a contractor from Cape Cod named Paul who’s been putting new bathrooms into a renovated house. He’s been buying “controllers” for the tubs as he rebuilds the bathrooms, one after another.

“I bought the first one – it cost $750. Today I order the second one – it’s up to $1,050. The owner asked me, should we buy the rest of them now?”

It used to be, back in the days when the United States had a functioning government and economy, when the weather warmed up and the need for fuel oil was down until the fall, diesel prices would at least stabilize.

No more, baby! Thank you Brandon! What do fishing boats run on? Do you think the price of seafood will be going up … or down … this summer?

How about fertilizer? You talk about sticker shock. And not just on the organic “green” stuff from Canada that’s up over $10 a pound on Amazon.

From 508: “Just purchased golf-course-grade fertilizer. The increase from last year to now is $20.21 per bag. Thanks Brandon.”

From Rambo: “Dog food — I buy it at the local feed store, very nice people. It used to be $32.99 for a 40-lb. bag for my springer spaniels. Now it’s $45.99 for the same-sized bag.”

From 978: “Would you believe the price of English muffins is up 400%!?!?! And this is at Market Basket. Used to be 2 packages for 2 bucks. Now 1 package for 4.”

From 413: “These are from my bills for home heating oil. On Feb. 25 it was $3.40 a gallon. On April 28, $4.80 a gallon. On May 1, $6.20 a gallon.”

Craig in New Hampshire: “I just paid over $5 for a large jar of JIF peanut butter in Concord. Thanks Brandon.”

Jim: “My landscaper just told he’s raising the price to cut my lawn from $80 to $100.”

From 617: “Wife bought 2 lb. roast beef, 1 lb. turkey. The good stuff – Boar’s Head, 30 bucks. Thanks Brandon.”

From 781: “I bought 150 gallons of home heating oil today & it was $900.”

What can you say except, Let’s go Brandon!

And one last thing: Remember in November.

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