It’s a crime you haven’t heard about Hunter Biden’s latest

I didn’t think the Democrats were planning to dismantle the First Amendment and end free speech until after they won the election next month.

But their plans have changed, obviously.

Which means that this treasure trove of Hunter Biden emails (leavened with some amateur porn and photos of Hunter passed out next to his crack pipe) must really be a “bombshell.”

How big is this scandal if Big Tech has to try to shut down all transmission of the damning stories about the favored candidate of both Silicon Valley and Communist China (but I repeat myself)?

It’s so criminal that they’re doing their damnedest to make sure that America’s low-info, COVID-panicked voters will never even hear about it, and will never realize just how corrupt Dementia Joe and his family are.

Here is a text uncovered by the New York Post, from crackhead Hunter to his daughter Naomi, complaining about his role in the Biden family business, which seems to have been the protection racket:

“I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years and it has been tough. It’s really hard but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Hunter had to give “Pop” half of his, uh, collections? Shades of Nick Mavroules and his son-in-law way back when. If these documents are true, Hunter isn’t just a Biden, he’s a bagman.

As bad as this latest Biden scandal is, the cover up is even more appalling.

And it’s working! Most of the mainstream media are giving this Democrat scandal a good leaving-alone. They’re taking their marching orders from Big Tech, which is now Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

We’re not just living through 2020, we’re living through 1984.

The reasons given by Twitter and Facebook for shutting down free speech are that these stories based on what’s inside Hunter Biden’s computer were either “hacked” and/or “unverified.”

Which is risible, considering the four years of anti-Trump fake news that the alt-left media have actively promoted. Was the Russian collusion hoax ever verified? The Ukraine impeachment hoax? Trump calling the dead World War I soldiers “losers?” Etc., etc., etc.

As for hacked, what about the (felonious) release of Donald Trump’s taxes, or Melania Trump’s alleged friend releasing transcripts of her personal conversations?

Hunter Biden apparently abandoned the Apple laptop at a Delaware repair shop last year. The FBI’s had it for almost a year, but since all the crimes mentioned therein were committed by Democrats, the G-men had zero interest in putting together a case against their BFFs.

If you want to hide something real good, just stick it in one of the FBI’s lawbooks.

We all understand why the FBI didn’t pursue the case (professional courtesy). But why did Hunter leave behind such a smoking gun?

Frank Zappa wrote a song once about the thought processes of rich men’s wayward sons like Hunter Biden.

The title: Cocaine Decisions.

Anyway, the repair-shop owner eventually gave copies of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani, and the ex-mayor handed it off to the New York Post.

And now the scandal is splashed across the Post’s front page, along with the non-denial denials of the Biden Crime Family.

But the billionaires of Silicon Valley won’t allow the bombshell — a real bombshell, finally — to see the light of day. They’re not only shutting down the New York Post’s social-media feeds, but also those of Trump aides at the White House and at the campaign.

This is unprecedented, and it’s beyond ominous.

Once again, we see projection – the Democrats are actually committing the horrible acts they accuse the GOP and Trump of. In this case, voter suppression and imposing their own totalitarian censorship on free speech.

Apparently Hunter’s $83,000-a-month deal with the shady Ukrainian energy company was just the tip of the Biden family’s racketeering enterprise. There’s another reference to a $10-million-a-year deal with a Chinese company “for introductions only.”

One of the Chinese moneybags named in the emails as providing the Bidens with cash was deported back to Hong Kong last summer after a three-year federal rap. Another hasn’t been seen since 2018 when he was arrested by the Chinese secret police.

Well, there’s the problem, Facebook and Twitter would say. How can we verify these emails when the people Hunter was taking cash from have vanished, much like potential witnesses against Whitey Bulger used to disappear?

First the people making the payoffs to the Bidens do the Houdini. Now the Democrats are making the stories about the scandal go away.

Question: If a Biden is caught detailing the family’s protection racket but the people who were making the payoffs have disappeared and no one is allowed to read the documents, did it really happen?

We’re about to find out. And if there’s no blowback for this cover-up of all cover-ups, just as there’s been no real consequences for all the crooked cops and “journalists” who tried to railroad POTUS with all these fake scandals, then the Republic is in big, big trouble.

If “Pop” Biden is elected, he’ll be expecting you to hand over to him at least as much of your income as he demands of his crack-addled son — half.

As for your free-speech rights — they want 100%. Just ask the New York Post.

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