It Must Suck to Be a Cuomo

Right now the hammer’s coming down bigtime on Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, the runt of the litter, abruptly fired Saturday night by CNN after more allegations of sexual harassment.

It must suck to be a Cuomo these days.

Right now the hammer’s coming down bigtime on Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, the runt of the litter, abruptly fired Saturday night by CNN after more allegations of sexual harassment.

Left-wing anchors behaving badly? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

For many years, when his brother was governor of New York, Chris Cuomo was the classic “useful idiot.” Once Andrew got whacked, he was just an idiot, even by CNN’s dismal standards.

And, as Gore Vidal once pointed out, “No talent is not enough.”

It certainly wasn’t for Chris.

But there’s a bigger issue here, and that’s the fact that this guy had a big journalistic job in the first place to be fired from.

What exactly were his, you’ll pardon the expression, credentials? Other than his willingness to kiss the ass of the ruling class, that is. But hey, how much skill does it take to ask those probing CNN questions: “Just how wonderful are you, really, Dr. Fauci?”

Chris Cuomo went to Fordham Law (big embarrassment for them), and before that Yale (an even bigger black eye for the Elis). Soon thereafter it appears that he magically got a job at ABC “News.”

Another nationwide search!

It used to be, not so long ago, that you actually had to work your way up into the upper echelons of journalism. Whether it was newspapers or television, you started in, to use baseball terminology, the bush leagues… the tank towns. Mid-markets, as they said in the 70s.

Everybody had to begin by covering stuff like the police beat, or the board of aldermen. Even “Pinch” Sulzberger, the previous publisher of the NY Times, made his bones at a dying afternoon paper in North Carolina, the Raleigh Times.

Chris Wallace, second-generation Democrat coat holder who now spouts left-wing nonsense at Fox News, likewise had to serve an apprenticeship of sorts, at the Boston Globe. The Globe was where Jayson Blair learned his plagiarism props before going on to national infamy at the New York Times’ top fiction writer.

Those days of a journalistic farm system – even for the worst of the bad actors — are long gone. The only feeder league now is Democrat politics.

Thus, it seems only appropriate that Cuomo would break in at ABC “News” – no doubt with a producer who did the real grunt work, like Chelsea Clinton had when she was a $600,000- a-year intern at NBC “News.”

After all, Cuomo is an associate of the Kennedy Crime Family, through his brother who was married to one of Bobby Kennedy’s daughters.

ABC has always been one of the most in-the-satchel Democrat networks. Going way back, ABC killed a documentary on the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, despite having it totally vetted, including an interview with the former mayor of Los Angeles who knew of the Kennedys’ connections to her drug overdose in 1962.

That spiked documentary was the end of the ABC careers of, among others, Geraldo Rivera. (You can read all about it in Kennedy Babylon, Vols. 1 and 2.)

You know Martha Raddatz, the ABC sob sister who wept for Hillary on Election Night 2016? Her name used to be Martha Bradlee – she was the daughter-in-law of shameless JFK bum kisser Ben Bradlee, ex-editor of the Washington Post.

It’s a generational thing, this Democrat rump swabbery. The best-paid Democrat operative with a press pass at ABC “News” of course is George Stephanopoulos, the former head of future President Bill Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions unit” during the 1992 presidential campaign.

Sixteen million a year, supposedly, for his services above and beyond the call of duty to the Democrat party. It’s where the party’s apparatchiks always go when they’re trying to survive a scandal. Remember how Steffie corrected Obama when he blurted out that he was a Muslim? (“You’re a Christian, Senator,” Steffie corrected him.)

Just in the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton’s demented Brit liar, Christopher Steele, went on ABC with Steffie to defend his fake dodgy dossier against Trump. Last week it was Alec “Trigger” Baldwin’s turn to get a slobbering prime-time tongue-bath from Stephanopoulos.

Sadly for Fredo, there was only room for one Steffie at ABC News, so Cuomo was traded to CNN. When he was hired, his CNN boss, Jeff Zucker, the Dwarf King as Tucker Carlson calls him, described Chris as “the perfect cable news anchor.”

Yes he was — dumb as a stump, corrupt, and insufferably entitled. Chris Cuomo was right out of Central Casting. Ron Burgundy with an attitude.

But Chris Cuomo isn’t the only network anchor who trained, not in the journalistic trenches, but in sleazy Democrat politics.

Jake Tapper, another dodgy Democrat on the CNN payroll, used to be the flack for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. Jake’s boss was married to yet another sleazeball Democrat congressman who went to prison for bank fraud (and still owes millions in restitution).

Would it surprise you to learn that Tapper was one of the leading promoters of the Russian collusion hoax on CNN, along with Carl Bernstein, who used to work at the Washington Post for Ben Bradlee, Martha Raddatz’ one-time father-in-law.

Then there’s F. Chuck Todd at NBC “News.” He’s married to a former Bernie Sanders operative, and his own credentials include a stint for ex-Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, who said he was a combat pilot in Vietnam, until he admitted he wasn’t.

It used to be that journalism recruited from the lower middle classes. Blue-collar reporters didn’t consider themselves above the people they were covering. Consider the famous Kitty Genovese case in New York, where a barroom waitress was stabbed to death while screaming for help, and none of the other residents of her apartment complex in Queens came to her aid.

That’s the Cliff Notes version anyway, and do you know how the New York Times got that scoop? Abe Rosenthal, the managing editor, heard about it while he was having lunch with a cop he knew from the old days in the city room.

Imagine a modern New York Times scribe, or editor, having lunch with one of New York’s Finest. No NYT reporters – all of them trustafarians, legacies, or members of assorted other protected classes – would deign to call, let alone break bread with, a member of the Deplorable class.

Not unless they bumped into them in the Hamptons, or maybe at the Chanticleer Inn on Nantucket.

They may not admit it, but the grandees of the mainstream media well know just how corrupt the system that nurtures them is. That’s why they keep lying about its rotting underpinnings. Consider: in the New York Times story about Chris Cuomo – his professional obituary – his fellow trust funders described him as being at the “peak” of his career. (He was running third – in a three-host field.)

As for Cuomo’s rise to the top of the world’s worst Democrat chat channel, the Times said “that he had forged (his career) outside his famed political family.”

Now that’s some very fake news right there.

They’re all Beautiful People – born at third base and they think they hit a triple.

This is now a hereditary class, the courtiers of the Deep State. It takes a lot of really bad behavior to lose your title in the media gentry. They made up the entire Russian collusion hoax – and now that they are totally busted, they won’t even say they’re sorry.

Most Americans haven’t watched CNN since it lost its contracts in the airports. These days you have to break your arm, or twist your ankle to see CNN – CNN Hospital is still on the emergency rooms. At least I think it is.

So Chris now stands accused of sexually harassing two women, still far below his brother’s total (12 and counting). One of them accused him of grabbing her ass back in 2005 during the ABC days. Chris apologized and said his groping was “non-sexual” in nature.

I guess it all depends on what the definition of non-sexual is.

In New York today, the remnants of Andrew Cuomo’s dismal crew are being rounded up and whacked, one after the other. Facebook execs, university chancellors – they’re no longer described as the governor’s former “advisers” or “aides.” Cuomo soldiers are now routinely called “henchmen.”

Meanwhile, CNN is about to be subsumed into a larger media entity that, oddly enough, seems to want to operate on the level. One of its principals, John Malone, just went on another fake-news outlet, CNBC, and made the astounding claim that perhaps CNN should try to pivot and become a… news outlet, which it used to be, sort of. (Remember Peter Arnett, a pioneer of fake news? He was a role model for Cuomo, Tapper et al.)

Imagine the horror in the CNN “news” room when their soon-to-be boss said publicly:

“I do believe that good journalism could have a role in this future portfolio.”

Days later, Fredo Cuomo was sleeping with the fishes. One down, countless more fake news Democrats to go.

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