Is Monica Cannon-Grant still the Globe’s woman of the year?

Look on the bright side, Monica Cannon-Grant — at least the feds didn’t videotape you stuffing marked $100 bills down your bra.

Look on the bright side, Monica Cannon-Grant — at least the feds didn’t videotape you stuffing marked $100 bills down your bra.

But other than the Dianne Wilkerson gotcha photograph, Tuesday’s indictment of the sticky-fingered Social Justice Warrior has everything.

As you read the 38 pages of charges, it’s hard to know who is more unspeakably corrupt — the race-hustling Monica, or the Boston establishment and their media stooges who swallowed her shameless hate speech hook, line and sinker.

Is Monica still the Boston Globe’s “Bostonian of the Year?”

Does Boston Magazine still think she’s “the best social justice advocate in Boston?”

Do the Boston Celtics still consider her “a hero among us?”

Does the Boston City Council still offer her “congratulations” after her 18-count indictment?

Does the Roxbury Unity Community still consider her a “Leader of Tomorrow?”

Of all the slobbering, the Globe is probably most responsible for enabling this alleged million-dollar flim-flam to fester for so long.

Remember the Globe’s front-page profile, by two of their crack scribes, describing her as both “a firecracker and a mother bear” who “leads change.”

The Globe is owned by the same pampered puke who owns the Boston Red Sox. You know that big banner at Fenway Park facing the Turnpike extension: “Black Lives Matter.”

By Opening Day, I want to see that BLM banner replaced with a new one:

“Free Monica Cannon-Grant.”

Remember, the Globe never reported her racist rant against black Republican Rayla Campbell. That was left to this newspaper, and Turtleboy. The Globe was much too woke to actually print anything that would have harmed … the narrative.

The only surprising part about the Globe’s coverage Tuesday is that after the pablum pukers were dragged kicking and screaming into finally covering their heroine’s arrest, they allowed comments under the story. For a few minutes anyway.

The last one I saw pretty much summed up the symbiotic relationship between the Globe and Monica Cannon-Grant:

“Cannon-Grant is the grift that keeps on grifting. This town needs an enema and the Boston Globe is a good place to start.”

Shortly thereafter, the bow-tied bum kissers decided to shut down the message board.

There’s so much comic gold in the indictment, but I think my favorite part is how she accused of scamming her soulmate, Rachael Rollins, then the district attorney of Suffolk County, out of $6,000. It came out of Rollins’ asset-forfeiture public fund.

Given all the million bucks Monica is accused of scamming, six grand is a drop in the bucket. Monica’s problem is that now Rollins is the U.S. attorney. It’s one thing to steal money from some random mark, it’s another thing altogether to pick the pocket of somebody who can arrest you. From the indictment:

On page seven, we have an incredibly detailed account of how Monica squandered the dough she swindled out of Rachael Rollins:

“… for, among other things, $145 at a Boston nail salon; over $400 in grocery and Walmart purchases in Columbia, MD; hundreds of dollars in meals costs in Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland, including at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Shake Shack, and other restaurants; $1,211 in charges at the Sonesta Suites, Columbia, MD; hundreds of dollars in fuel, parking and car rental costs; and hundreds of dollars in ATM withdrawals….”

Monica was supposed to be leading a “retreat” for “at risk young men” (read: thugs) from Roxbury. Later, when one of her typical gullible sugar-mommies (the Cambridge Women’s Organization) asked Monica why she hadn’t replied to any of their e-mails during that month, she replied:

“I was on vacation.”

She drifted into the rackets in 2017. Despite having “a zero balance in her personal checking account,” she was soon adept at shuffling money back and forth like a Clinton or a Biden.

In one early 2017 alleged swindle, she pocketed $10,400 from a department store for “needy children.”

Then, the feds say, Monica wired the money to a “fiscal conduit” in Virginia. When the cutout, I mean conduit, sent the money back to her, she then cashed that check at a bank in Alpharetta, Ga., and used it to buy money orders. Those money orders were used to pay $3,111 in her “rent arrears” in Roxbury.

Wow! Hunter Biden’s got nothing on Monica Cannon-Grant. Has she ever been in the … laundry business?

Seriously, where did she learn how to run these kinds of cons? Are there online courses that an aspiring “poverty pimp,” to use Mayor Ed Koch’s memorable phrase, can take to learn the tricks of the trade?

According to the feds, her start-up — Violence in Boston — took in $23,024 from Pay Pal in 2018. In 2019, the haul rose to $91,574. By 2020, even before George Floyd, she was really, you’ll pardon the expression, in the black. In April 2020 alone, she pocketed $50,000 from stupid rich guilt-ridden suburban white women.

Shortly thereafter, she and her husband, who is also charged with welfare fraud in one of the Panic handout programs, moved out of Roxbury to Taunton. Call it Black flight.

An unanswered question in the indictment: Who is the “Massachusetts media business” that she shook down in the summer of 2020 for $75,000 for “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting services?”

She began paying herself $2,788 a week. Then 10 months later she took a “bonus” of $22,304.

Did I mention the Grants also took $3,000 from “a Cambridge Black Lives Matter organization,” which was “then diverted to one of their family members and withdrawn in cash?”

Poor Monica Cannon-Grant. No more trips to the Shake Shake with Rachael Rollins’ money.

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