Is America really going to reward the bratty Democrats?

If you’re nervous about Tuesday’s election, you are not alone.

In 2016, I was prepared for a Trump loss. In fact, I went to sleep before the final states were even called. I knew that Trump’s chances looked good when I hit the hay —  but I wasn’t going to stay up and find out that I was wrong.

Four years later, the polls are informing Trump supporters that we should ready ourselves for a blow out. Sound familiar?

Either way, there is nothing wrong with preparing oneself for any and all scenarios. In fact, had the Democrats prepared themselves for a loss in 2016, maybe a few less Karens would have had apoplectic meltdowns on live TV.

One scenario is easy to prepare for: If Trump wins, I will be thrilled. I’ll call my fellow MAGA supporters — my parents, my boss, my brother in San Diego — and celebrate the victory. Maybe I’ll pour myself a glass of cabernet.

Most definitely I’ll let out a huge sigh of relief.

But what if we lose?

If the president loses, I guarantee you I will not be protesting the next day. Whether we have a President Trump, a President Biden or a President Kanye — Howie Carr expects me to be at work on Nov. 4.

My assignments will not get extensions. There will be no grief counselors in the studio to offer me a safe space or emotional support. I will not take out my anger on boarded-up stores on Newbury Street. You won’t see a post of me screaming obscenities or balling my eyes out on social media.

Yes, I might lose my cheerfulness for a few days, but I refuse to lose my pride.

I’m prepared to hear from old friends who have grown increasingly silent over the last few years.

You see, if Joe Biden becomes president, my liberal buddies will probably deem it OK to reach out to me again. After all, all will be right in their world. They’ll be able to stomach my views again — now that their side is back in power.

They won’t admit that politics is what caused their four-year cold shoulder — but I’m not stupid (despite what CNN might have them believe). And I won’t hold it against them.

Hillary Clinton said in 2018, “if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.” Unlike Hillary & Co., us irredeemables can be civil no matter who is in charge.

The left has constantly bemoaned the country’s “turmoil” and “division” over the last four years.

But most of it can be boiled down to something very simple: The Democrats are sore losers. Despite what you might read on Brian Stelter’s Twitter feed, it’s the left — not Trump — that have made the past four years so inharmonious.

The Democrats opened bogus investigations, started inane impeachment proceedings and peddled fake news almost daily in order to take down Trump. They’ve churned out enough anti-Orange Man books to fill a Trump-Deranged library. And all of this nonsense is derived from the fact that Hillary Clinton ran a terrible campaign in 2016.

Now, if you asked the tolerant liberals, they would tell you they are upset about something else. According to their Instagram posts and Facebook diatribes, the Biden supporters are angry about the “lack of decency” in the White House. They are incensed because of Trump’s tweets, and his name-calling, and his tone, etc.

Far be it from me to call BS on an entire political party — after all, I am not a CNN fact-checker — but I am giving that 10 Pinocchios.

Their fury isn’t complicated or virtuous. The Democrats have been insufferable since 2016 because things didn’t go their way.

But unlike a spoiled child who eventually tires out after a tantrum, the Democrats have only grown louder and more entitled.

The sad truth is that if the left wins on Nov. 3, we are essentially rewarding bad behavior. The brat screamed loud enough and we finally just buckled and gave in. We bought the crybaby their damn ice cream cone to avoid another public meltdown.

Maybe they stop hysterically screaming for a bit and enjoy their victory for a minute or two.

Like everyone else — I have no idea who is going to win on Tuesday. It could be the adults currently driving the car, or the whiners kicking and screaming in the back seat.

However, I do know this. My fellow Trump supporters have been labeled a lot of things these past few years. But I know one thing we aren’t.

We aren’t deranged enough to try and ruin our country solely because we didn’t get our way.

P.S.: Don’t mistake my column as some sort of concession speech.

If I’ve learned anything since 2016, it is never bet against Trump.

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