Happy Inflation-iversary! How are You Celebrating?

It has been a year now since President Biden signed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.  How’s it working out for you? Have you seen any reductions? I have not!

Inflation – there’s still plenty of that. But reductions? Not so much. 

Are gas prices lower? Are eggs less costly? Have your grocery bills gone down? The only reduction I have seen is fewer people eating out, which is hurting our local businesses.

This week I was the privileged recipient of email from ethically challenged Democrat Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03).  She actually bragged about the one-year anniversary of this catastrophic legislation being signed into law.

She describes it as “landmark legislation that has made a meaningful difference in the lives of countless working families across our nation.”

Yikes! Talk about not being in touch with reality.  She’s correct that it is “countless,” because you cannot count something that doesn’t exist.

In the immortal words of the late Billy Preston: “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’.”  

Trahan said one of the reasons she “proudly voted” for the trillion-dollar boondoggle was because it made “unprecedented investments in domestic energy production and manufacturing while incentivizing the use of clean energy.”

To repeat, has anyone seen any relief at the pump?

How about home heating oil or natural gas? Here in the Commonwealth, energy bills have increased an average of 55 percent over the past year and the average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.77. Worse yet, gas is expected to hit $4 per gallon again! 

Let’s be clear. Trahan voted for this phony bill because it promotes crackpot climate-change policies that do not help consumers. She voted to squander $663 million on climate-action “investments” that are embedded in the federal tax code. The Democrat pork-barrel bonanza also includes $12 billion, not million, in electric vehicle incentives because no one wants to buy these cars. There’s another $3 billion for coastal habitat protection, $5 billion for forest protection, $19 billion for investments in climate-smart agriculture, $26 billion for environmental “justice,” and also to create a “green bank.”

How has that environmental justice money helped you at the pump?  What a colossal waste of our tax dollars!

I wonder who the recipients of the environmental “justice” are going to be. Is it going to be about “justice,”or “just us” — for members of the protected classes?

Another $14 billion was earmarked for alleged home energy efficiency upgrades.  You wonder if that money all went to the “working-from-home” Beltway bureaucracies trying to ban gas stoves, washing machines, dish washers and water heaters. 

This bill is an utter failure. If you promoted such a project at your place of work, one that was this costly and this much of a waste of corporate funds, would you still have your job? I think not.

So Trahan should not keep her seat in Congress! 

If I were Trahan, I don’t think I would be sending out blast emails reminding people of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, especially when gas is about to hit $4 per gallon just in time for Labor Day.

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