Inflation in Joe Biden’s America ‘an inch’ closer to hellhole

Every day, in every way, Dementia Joe Biden is making life worse in America.

Every day, in every way, Dementia Joe Biden is making life worse in America.

This week, the worst local bad-news headline was that electricity rates in New England are doubling. Doubling!

You know, just like the cost of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, propane, cord wood etc.

It’s all part of the Democrats’ fundamental transformation of America into a Third World hellhole. There’s no escape, not even if you’re a billionaire on Martha’s Vineyard who can have the National Guard called out to deport illegals from your island paradise.

Perhaps the new dystopian reality is quite not as painful for Democrats, since almost all of them are either on welfare, have trust funds and/or live in gated communities. But even the moonbats and their machete-wielding, fentanyl-dealing undocumented Democrats on the dole can’t escape the cratering stock market, crushing interest rates and out-of-control crime.

On my radio show, I sometimes ask listeners what sorts of economic problems they’re encountering in our socialist utopia — inflation, shrinkflation and shortages.

The segment is called “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Last month, Biden proudly announced the US had “zero” inflation. On state-run media a week ago, he proclaimed that in August inflation in the U.S. was only up “an inch.”

I beg to disagree. So do my listeners.

Let’s go straight to the audio and the texts:

Greg: “I have a 110-pound shepherd. I buy 44-pound bags of dog food at Sam’s Club. They used to cost $42, four months ago they were up to $48. I figured I’d wait for a sale, so I go in today and it’s up to $51. I bought two, because it’ll be even more next month.”

Troy: “My coffee creamer’s gone from $3.28 to $4.98 in two months. Walmart water used to be 78 cents, now it’s $1.78 a gallon.”

Limerick Guy in 413 area code: “I had a Palace Burger at Bobby Flay’s at the Mohegan Sun casino for $12.95. Three months ago, the exact same burger was $7.95.”

From 407 area code: “150-cup container of Dunkin coffee at BJ’s right after election $16.99. Last month same amount $24.99. That’s a 47 percent increase. But we have zero inflation. Thanks Brandon.”

From 508: “It’s up to $3.49 for ‘free range’ eggs. If they range any freer I’ll have to skip breakfast.”

From 978: “Just left Market Basket. Cranberry juice was $2.49 last week. Today $3.39.”

From 508: “Dashboard warning: washer fluid low. $6.68 for a gallon of Rain X. Doubled since last purchase. Thanks, Brandon.”

From 860: “I used to heat my house in CT with wood to save money. Last time I bought in 2018 it was $200 per cord. Saw a sign last week for $400 a cord. So much for saving money on heating.”

Beth in Wakefield: “Last spring, I’d buy a steak & cheese sub for my grandson for $10.50. Back to school, it was $13.50. Now it’s $14.99. He’s gonna have to go to PB&J. I like to have a coffee. It’s gone from $1.69 for a medium to $2.49 in three weeks.”

Tom: “I hadn’t been to 5 Guys for a while. Stopped in tonight. For a burger, fries and soft drink it was $22.10. Thanks, Brandon!”

Farmer Jon in CT: “Western premium quality hay is now $550 a ton, just a slight increase from $330.”

From 781: “$6.99 for a jug of laundry liquid I used to get for a buck at Dollar Tree.”

From 781: “I buy these fancy lipsticks on line. They have been 0.25 fl. Oz. for $25 forever. Today I got my new order. The price went up to $29, and the tube size is down 0.18 fl. Oz.”

Dave: “Soda 12-packs at Wal-Mart, $3.44 forever, sometimes 3 for $10. Today: $6.97.”

From 802: “I used to buy frozen burgers 6-pack for $11.99. Now $18.”

Everything is shrinking even faster than your 401 K. Shoppers post every size reduction on line. These sites might as well be in-kind advertising for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

A bag of Fritos has shrunk from 9.75 oz. to 9.25. A box of Sun Maid raisins that used to be 22.6 oz. is down to 20. A tube of Crest toothpaste goes from 4.1 oz. to 3.8 oz. Mr. Whipple has squeezed the “MEGA” Charmin toilet paper down from 264 sheets to 244 sheets.

Huggies used to sell a box of 96 diapers. Now it’s 84. The price, however, remains the same: $29.99. Suave shampoo used to have a 30-oz. bottle. Now in Brandon’s America it’s 22.5 oz.

A lot of these products still label their larger boxes “Family Size.” I guess they’re not making families as big as they used to. A “party bag” of candy that used to be 42 oz. is now 38 oz. Turn out the lights, as Willie Nelson might say, the party’s over.

Ken from Chicopee: “Had an oil change done yesterday. Ten bucks more than the previous time for full synthetic.”

From 508: “A large box of oatmeal at Walmart has been $3.58 for a very long time. All of a sudden two weeks ago it went up to $3.98.”

Think of all this as the bad news. The good news, a week from now, we’ll be nostalgic for all these prices. These are the good old days. Let’s go Brandon!

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