Illegal immigrant fraud at RMV? Take a number!

You really can’t blame the welfare-grabbing, Section 8-collecting, drug-dealing, gun-toting illegal aliens rounded up yesterday for being so eager to register to vote.

After all, if only the Democrats could have illegally registered a few thousand more Third World criminals to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, all 25 of those bad hombres arrested yesterday would still be whistling that famous tune from West Side Story:

“Everything free in America!”

Meet Alejandra Eulalia Baez Arias of, where else, Lawrence. She got her MA driver’s license – and her Mass Health card – in 2014 “and indicated on the application that she wanted to register to vote.”

She was, of course, a Dominican illegal, and guess what – in September 2016, according to Homeland Security, the 40-year-old was arrested in Methuen on charges of “distribution of a Class A controlled substance.”

Want to guess how the judge handled the case of the illegal Dominican heroin dealer?

“The charges were later continued without a finding.”

Gee, who do you suppose she voted for in 2016?

Come on down, Fausto Junior Felez Felez, a 39-year-old Dominican whose alleged domiciles included “the address (of) a cellphone store in Chelsea.”

In March 2013, he was “arrested by Medford Police on charges of distribution of a Class A controlled substance and sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence.”

Suspended sentence… continued without a finding… Memo to American drug dealers: if you’re ever arrested, just tell them you’re an illegal alien Dominican on welfare. Works every time!

Of course as soon as it became known that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was coming to town, elements of the non-working classes turned out at the federal courthouse. A local moonbat tweeted out:

“Yawn, when is Sessions going to go after the REAL criminals?”

Unlike, say, Jose Lopez Rosado, age 53, one of the handful of non-illegals in the roundup, but he’s a REAL beauty nonetheless. According to court documents, he was doing a 40-year stretch in Puerto Rico for murder when he escaped in 1994.

“He is currently in state custody on unrelated charges,” the feds announced.

No wonder Jay Gonzalez, the Democrat candidate for governor, wanted to get down to Northern Avenue to stand in solidarity with these murderers and heroin dealers – undocumented Democrats, Dreamers. Their dream, our nightmare.

The ACLU also turned out a handful of squirrelly drifters. ACLU now stands for “Alien Civil Liberties Union.”

You read through the 220 pages of affidavits, and almost all of them start the same way:

“A man (or woman) appeared at a Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (“RMV”) office and submitted an application….”

The fraud at the RMV is endemic. The RINO governor, Tall Deval, claims he’s trying to get a handle on the rampant corruption – wink wink nudge nudge. As with every other issue (think, State Police) he’s afraid of his own shadow. He’s petrified of being accused of … racial profiling.

So the fraud continues to Step 2:

“According to Mass Health records, Mass Health received an application for benefits….”

That’s Medicaid. As you know if you’re an illegal Dominican heroin dealer in Lawrence, when you sign up for Mass Health, you get “categorical enrollment” in every other welfare program and then, truly, everything free in America! Es verdad.

By the way, Tall Deval signed the state budget yesterday – $42 billion, maybe 40 percent of which is Medicaid. Wonder how much of that $17 billion or so is going to illegal alien heroin dealers from Lawrence and all the other Democrat paradises that make up what Mitt Romney used to call “Kennedy country.”

Here’s a selection from the court filings of what Deval Patrick used to call “anecdotes” about these wonderful illegal aliens scamming the taxpayers:

“…Continuing to receive HUD-subsidized payment for the rent of that unit… purported to show no real income… applied for benefits… trafficking in cocaine… failed to appear for her hearing… he wanted to register to vote… he failed to appear at his next court date… was charged with, and convicted of, trafficking and distribution of heroin… has a criminal record that includes several drug trafficking convictions in Massachusetts… did knowingly possess… to wit: Colt, model Police Positive, .38 caliber revolver, serial number obliterated….”

This torrent of Third World crime began with the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Ever since, millions of indigent shiftless criminals have invaded the country, for which you can thank the sponsor of this PC insanity, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

By the way, yesterday would have been the 78th birthday of Mary Jo Kopechne, the woman Teddy killed on Chappaquiddick in 1969. I’m sure the timing was just a coincidence, but anyway, Happy Birthday Mary Jo!

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