Illegal alien drug dealers in the news – 10.21.20

Below is a press release from the US attorney in Boston, regarding the arrests of 15 alleged fentanyl/cocaine dealers.

Note that six of the 15 alleged drug dealers are illegal alien Dominicans – the criminals who dominate illicit drug trafficking in eastern MA and NH, according to the Boston Police Department.

Are the Boston media reporting any of this?

Of course not, they prefer to mindlessly promote Gov. Charlie Parker’s panic porn and the “surging, spiking” number of positive cases, as if testing positive is a death sentence. (Only five died Tuesday in MA, all of them in Gov. Baker’s nursing homes.)

But the main reason I bring these latest arrests up is to point out the feds’ recent candor about the scourge of illegal alien drug dealers (most of whom I suspect are also on welfare).

Finally telling the truth about illegal alien crime – it is yet another little-noted plus of Donald Trump’s presidency.

When Obama was president, the Department of Justice never, ever admitted how many crimes were committed by illegal aliens, especially if the crimes were the work of undocumented Democrats in protected classes.

Sometimes you could figure out that “Boston man” was actually an MS 13 gangbanging “Dreamer” from El Salvador, but you had to read far down in the affidavits and warrants. Former US attorney Carmen Ortiz et al. never made it easy (not that many “reporters” were interested in actually, you know, reporting the facts).

One thing about Jeff Sessions as AG: he ended the suppression of the un-PC facts about illegal-alien crime after some people (including me) pointed out to him how the Obama-Biden administration had been trying to keep citizens and taxpayers from understanding the full scope of the Third World crime wave.

(The crime wave continues of course: a 41-year veteran of the Houston PD was murdered yesterday by an illegal alien career criminal from El Salvador recently freed by a bleeding-heart court system. The cop, who was black by the way and was about to retire, was the live-in caregiver of his aged parents. Al Sharpton could not be reached for comment.)

Anyway, if the Biden Crime Family prevails Nov. 3, the lid will come back down on these Third World welfare-collecting gangs seeking to destroy the republic. 

The Democrats’ policy on Third World crime: Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Just something else to think about before you vote. And now here’s the press release, with immigration status highlighted:

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