If elected Maura Healey will shatter the glass ceiling…and the state

“Yes, America is burning,” Healey sternly lectured the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, “but that’s how forests grow.” Such violent rhetoric will shatter more than glass ceilings, Liz.

As a newly registered voter in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I dread the direction Democrat nominee for governor Maura Healey wants to take the state.

Healey, who got more than 630,900 votes in the Democrat primary Tuesday, wants to move Massachusetts even further left. Endorsed by some of the most progressive politicians in the country, and with a past record to prove her bona fides, Healey’s agenda could not be more radical.

During the 2020 Summer of Love’s “mostly peaceful” televised riots, Attorney General Maura Healey excused, among other barbaric actions, the vandalizing of the Shaw Memorial—the Boston Common’s commemoration of the 54th Regiment, one of the nation’s first African-American regiments established during the Civil War.

“Yes, America is burning,” Healey sternly lectured the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, “but that’s how forests grow.”

Such violent rhetoric will shatter more than glass ceilings, Liz.

Healey’s insurrectionist metaphor has not aged well anywhere, particularly not among those in the Back Bay whose small businesses and storefronts were vandalized and looted by roving bands of lawless thugs.

As the primary election neared, Healey quickly sought out liberal Commonwealth Magazine to assist her in backtracking.

“I wish I could do it over again,” she said, “because I would not have used that phrase to make my point, which was certainly not about violence in the streets.”

So what exactly was her point about cheerleading for the burning of America? Are we now supposed to believe she was raising the spectre of forest fires in the West—a symptom of the alleged climate crisis. Healey fear-mongers frequently about the “existential threat” of heat waves and minimal urban green space, promising to be the nation’s “most aggressive governor” in the war on weather.

By the way, how are those green policies working out for Europe right about now? Or, closer to home, in California?

Then there is her record, of which she is “incredibly proud,” of legal assaults on traditional Western institutions and values.

Years ahead of her time, nominal Catholic Maura Healey laid the statutory groundwork for the federal redefinition of marriage in 2015. As governor, she will seek to expand nontraditional adoption and destroy the Hyde amendment which protects religious institutions from faith forfeiture in the case of tyrannical abortion laws.

In 2016, Healey “championed” the bill granting female-identifying men access to women’s public bathrooms. Childless, Healey apparently cannot understand the trepidation with which loving parents view the obvious dangers her obsessions pose to their vulnerable daughters—a fear that has proven true.

Maura’s taunting response at the State House to these parents worried about “trans women” in ladies’ rooms?

“If you’ve got that much of a problem, hold it.”

But obliterating bathroom norms is not enough. Healey also promotes scandalous rhetoric in classrooms for children as young as 10. When Nativity School of Worcester was stripped of its Catholic identity after its tangible promotion of contra-Catholic teaching, Healey chimed in, claiming the Jesuits should be allowed to fly rainbow flags on campus in the name of tolerance.

The attorney general also thinks it’s intolerant to question the widespread accessibility of artificial hormones or surgical procedures for those experiencing gender dysphoria. Healey believes no one should pay out-of-pocket for a transgender surgery, and her platform will force private insurers to offer many of these irreversible procedures for free as well.

For Healey, this has been a consistent theme. She tweeted in April 2021, “To all the trans & non-binary kids…YOU are valid, beautiful, worthy.” So she says they’re beautiful, but she invites one and all to permanently alter their appearances by removing their fully-functioning reproductive organs as soon as they turn 18—all at the expense of the taxpayer. Maura Healey would be the most radical Massachusetts governor has ever seen. The first vote I cast in the Commonwealth Nov. 8 will not promote such far left policies.

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