ICE is cool with me

Who represents a greater threat to you and your family’s personal safety — brazen illegal immigrant criminals who know they face no penalties for their lawlessness, or the ICE agents who are trying to grab them at local courthouses before they can kill, rape or rob any more Americans?

The answer’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Yet, in certain circles, it’s ICE — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — that’s taking the heat for actually having the temerity to … enforce the law.

Let me pose the question another way — suppose you have a Dominican career criminal, with three aliases, deported twice already, who gets picked up with cocaine in his pocket, and when the cops run his three aliases through the computer, they get back a fugitive warrant from Pennsylvania on a drunken-driving charge?

Is this the kind of “migrant” you want in your country?

Would you want to thank an ICE agent who showed up at the courthouse to make sure this arch fiend was sent back to one of the Third World hellholes that spawned him and millions more like him who are now destroying this country?

I’d go up and shake that ICE agent’s hand and personally congratulate him for ridding civilization of such a thug. And so, I think, would you.

In case you missed it, there was an alleged case involving such a suspect earlier this year at the Newton District Court. For the second time in less than a year, a dangerous illegal immigrant reportedly fled the courthouse, jumping a fence as an ICE agent was stalled elsewhere in the building.

A federal grand jury is hearing testimony. The outrage is palpable — against the feds, for trying to take a foreign monster off the board before he hurts any more taxpayers.

Ironically, this latest coddling of a Dominican illegal immigrant comes to light the same week that ICE rounds up 58 more of these criminals who desperately want to get their cases transferred to the Newton District Court, the better to escape from.

According to ICE, “15 individuals were previously released from law enforcement custody, correctional facilities, and/or court custody with an active detainer.”

In other words, the Newton District Court is not an aberration. It’s the norm.

These illegal immigrants the judges are cutting loose are only charged with minor crimes like murder, DWI, cocaine trafficking, assault, attempted assault, aggravated identity theft etc., etc.

Let’s consider some of the bad hombres that ICE lugged in New England these last few days, over the strenuous objections of the local Democrats:

In Methuen, they arrested a 23-year-old Dominican claiming to be an American with convictions for drug trafficking, identity theft and resisting arrest, with pending charges for drug trafficking.

In Lancaster, N.H., a Haitian was arrested in Coos County Superior Court after an appearance on a domestic violence charge. He’d already been convicted of drunken driving and drug trafficking.

In Lawrence, a Dominican who had stolen an American’s identity was arrested. He had prior convictions for possession to distribute cocaine and heroin.

In Brockton, a 41-year-old Guadeloupe native with convictions for DWI, cocaine possession and assault and battery. According to ICE, this undocumented Democrat has more than 30 adult arraignments, including kidnapping and domestic violence.

In Hyannis, a Jamaican, age 41, was arrested after conviction for possession of 28-100 grams of cocaine.

In Dorchester, a 40-year-old Dominican was lugged. He had priors for trafficking cocaine and money laundering.

In Cranston, R.I., ICE arrested a 47-year-old Dominican with priors for cocaine possession, DUI and domestic assault.

In Putnam, Conn., ICE arrested a 59-year-old Brazilian who was wanted for murder in Brazil by allegedly throwing a net over his victim and stabbing him 20 times.

I’m guessing that every single one of these foreign felons has a public defender, because of course they’re all “indigent.”

I’m guessing, too, that every single one of these would-be Democrats will soon be requesting a change of venue — to Newton District Court. Where in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

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