Hunter Biden in the White Trash Hall of Fame

Hunter Biden is white trash.

That’s what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called him the other day, and as archaic a phrase as it is, it’s perfect.

Just like you can sometimes describe somebody in politics as a hack’s hack, Hunter Biden is white trash’s white trash.

This guy has made millions working in his chosen profession – bagman for the Big Guy. Hey, he said it, not me, on the laptop that the deep state and state-run media lied was “Russian disinformation.”

Hunter told his daughter he’d never ask her to do what Dementia Joe demanded he do – turn over half of all his collections.

On the good days, like when Hunter got the millions from the Chinese energy company, he only had to hold “10 percent for the Big Guy.”

But now he’s a starving artist. That’s what he told the judge in Arkansas on the hearing about his child-support payments to his illegitimate daughter by the Capitol Hill stripper.

The 4-year-old girl’s name is Navy Joan. The Bidens don’t want her using their last name.

During the holidays at the White House, Biden has Christmas stockings hanging for not only for six grandchildren, but also the family pets, including Willow the Cat.

But no stocking for Navy Joan. She rates lower on the Biden family tree than a housecat.

Biden always mentions his “six” grandchildren. He did it again just last week. In fact he has seven grandkids. Navy Joan is a non-person.

Come to think of it, Hunter comes by his white-trash genes naturally. No need for Joe to take the kind of DNA test Hunter was compelled to take by the courts in Arkansas when he was denying he was the kid’s papa.

I know, some people are saying, what’s the stripper complaining about? She’s getting $20,000 a month in child support.

So what? The courts calculate the amount of child support on the father’s income. How much do you think Hunter Biden has been grabbing over the decades– even after the 10-50 percent skim for the Big Guy.

One of the criminal problems being broomed for him is failure to pay income taxes. That’s why he had to get a Hollywood lawyer to give him $2.8 million to pay his back taxes.

How much do you figure you must make to owe $2.8 million in unpaid taxes? And by the way, what exactly did Hunter Biden do to make all that money? From the laptop we know what Hunter does when he’s off-duty, which is 24/7. But what exactly is his… profession… and please, don’t tell me he’s a lawyer.

I know, he went to law school, but you know who else went to law school? His father, the Obamas, Deval Patrick and Tim “Crash” Murray and God only knows how many other nit wits you wouldn’t hire to rake your lawn.

At the hearing, Hunter’s high-priced lawyers were talking about how broke he is.

When his father went to Ireland last month (the trip Brandon couldn’t recall when asked about it by 8-year-olds), Hunter had to sleep on a cot in his father’s room.

The repo men came and hot-wired his Porsche and now he drives a crappy car like the rest of us. It was given to him by the same lawyer who fronted him $2.8 million to hand over to the IRS.

Asked why this lawyer would give all these goodies to a complete degenerate, one of Hunter’s DC lawyers said, “I think the answer will be because he’s a friend and cares about the client.”

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

It’s not like Dementia Joe is the first president with relatives who’ve embarrassed them.

Richard Nixon’s brother took a “loan” from Howard Hughes. LBJ’s brother was an alcoholic, ditto Jimmy Carter’s. Donald Trump’s brother drank himself to death. Bill Clinton’s brother was a cocaine dealer. Barack Obama’s aunt and uncle were illegal aliens who moved to Massachusetts (of course!) where Auntie Zeituni went on the dole and Uncle Omar was arrested for drunk driving.

But none of them come close to Hunter Biden in the White (or otherwise) Trash Sweepstakes.

The guy fits the dictionary definition of a racketeer – “a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.”

The judge in Arkansas asked Hunter how much he’s been making in his new grift, I mean, career as an artist. But his mouthpieces said he didn’t know, because of an agreement with the gallery that sells his “works,” to avoid even the hint of impropriety, you know, influence-peddling.

That was what Hunter’s lawyer claimed. My word as a Biden.

The stripper’s lawyer pointed out that the indigent artist known as Hunter has retained “some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth, including a former attorney general of Arkansas (the office Bill Clinton once held).

“If he can afford (all of them),” the lawyer said, “he surely must have income for child support.”

Are you kidding me? That’s one of the definitions of white trash – you don’t pay child support. You deny paternity, you hide income, you cry poor mouth, you lie on the F.I.D. forms, you lose your gun, you have sex with your sister-in-law, you leave your ID in a rented car along with your crack pipe, when you get jammed up you go into rehab, over and over and over again.

Hunter Biden – waive the five-year eligibility rule, he belongs in the White Trash Hall of Fame now, by acclimation.

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