Hunter Biden book tour looks bad for him, worse for media

I never thought I’d see a more inappropriate, tone-deaf book tour than Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

The president’s son Hunter Biden is doing the media rounds to talk about his new memoir, “Beautiful Things,” which chronicles the hardships in his life and his subsequent struggles with drug addiction.

Like his book, the press tour has fluctuated from painfully honest to blatantly misleading. And while these sit-down interviews are sometimes cringeworthy for Hunter, they are far more embarrassing for the American media.

Somehow the man talking openly about smoking parmesan cheese comes off way better than the dishonest liberal enablers sitting across from him.

These are the same journalists who just a few months ago were pretending that Hunter’s infamous laptop (which now he openly admits could very well be his) was Russian disinformation.

Now these laptop-deniers nod along intently as Hunter fumbles about the unlimited possibilities.

“There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. There could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Like the old Tootsie Pop mystery, when it comes to the laptop, the world may never know.

It’s hard not to notice and even scoff at the media’s sudden willingness to mention Hunter’s name.

For months, the press derided President Trump for his callous treatment of Biden’s troubled son. NPR refused to report on Hunter’s laptop scandal because, they didn’t want “to waste” their readers’ time on “stories that are not really stories” and “stories that are just pure distractions.”

They would report on how awful Trump was for bringing up the former director on the board of Burisma.

In October, they published a piece titled, ”Experts Say Attack On Hunter Biden’s Addiction Deepens Stigma For Millions.”

Politico also didn’t like Trump’s weaponing and pouncing: “The Moment Trump seized on Biden’s sons.”

The Hill wrote, “Trump bashes Biden at Minnesota rally, asks ‘Where’s Hunter?’”

Now that President Biden is in the White House, the activists who helped elect him feel safer speaking about Hunter.

ABC described the question “Where’s Hunter?” as a Trump taunt in October.

But now that the answer to the “Where’s Hunter?” taunt is “He is on with Jimmy Kimmel!” — well, the network is noticeably less outraged.

The comedian-turned-Democrat-spokesman interviewed Hollywood’s newest misleading man this past week.

If you are familiar with Kimmel’s work, you are probably aware that humor is not his strong suit. But even with that in mind, the entire exchange was painful to watch.

Hunter claimed the laptop, which may or may not be his, is simply a “red herring.”

Merriam Webster defines red herring as “something that distracts attention from the real issue.”

While watching Kimmel joke about Hunter’s crack addiction and whether or not the 54-year-old can put his shoes on, it is hard to not surmise that the two giggly men might have been overlooking the real issues.

The talk show host didn’t get a chance to ask Hunter about his business dealings in the Ukraine or who the “Big Guy” really is, or why Hunter’s book didn’t acknowledge his child with D.C. stripper Lunden Roberts, or why Hunter’s sister-in-law/ex-lover Hallie threw away his revolver in a trashcan across from a high school in Wilmington. Del.

He did find the time to ask Hunter about Donald Trump Jr., though. Did you know that Jimmy Kimmel hates Donald Trump Jr. with a passion?

The host wondered if it makes Hunter crazy to hear someone like Donald Trump Jr. saying that Hunter has only had success because of his last name.

Hunter, perhaps fearful that a conversation about his “success” might not end well, tried to move on by simply saying he doesn’t think about.

That’s when Kimmel, a very outspoken victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome, said, “I do, I think about it all the time.”

Perhaps the host should think a little more about ratings and jokes instead of his own addiction to the Trump family. Because according to ratings, Greg Gutfeld’s new late night show on Fox just beat Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden.

Then again, maybe ratings are like laptops — nothing more than red herrings.

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