Howie on VP Debate: “let’s go to the videotape!”

Thoughts on the vice-presidential debate:

How do we know Pence won? The “commission” on debates this morning announced they’re switching to a “virtual” presidential debate next week, which means Biden will have teleprompters, earpieces, etc.

Hang tough, Mr. President! And while you’re negotiating, insist on getting rid of the next moderator – that ginger from C-SPAN who used to be an intern for Dementia Joe, and then went to work for Fat Boy, Ted Kennedy.

Oh yeah, and this “moderator” also likes to tweet out rabidly anti-Trump columns from the New York Times’ Canadian-born columnist David Brooks.

Now, back to last night’s debate:

Remember the New York sportscaster Warner Wolf? He would always say, “Let’s go to the videotape!”

Where was Warner Wolf last night when we needed him? When Kamala said she’d never called for banning fracking… let’s go to the videotape!

When she said Biden hadn’t called for raising taxes on the middle class… let’s go to the videotape!

When she lied about the very fine people on both sides in Charlottesville… let’s go to the videotape!

When she lied about Trump saying the virus was a “hoax”… let’s go to the videotape!

When she talked about her “values,” let’s go to the videotape… of Mrs. Willie Brown.

When she lied about “Honest Abe” and the Supreme Court, well, I guess we don’t have any videotape of that, but where are the “fact checkers” and their Pinocchio grades?

For 90 minutes, Kamala was giving off those weird, smirky vibes like the Joker in the Batman movies.

To paraphrase Billy Bulger on Ed “Mr. Frosty” Markey: “To a battle of wits, she comes unarmed.”

If Kamala was any more clueless, she’d be on “The View.” Actually, she probably will be swapping spit with the hens before the week is out.

Pence turned in a flawless performance. Going in, I figured he could handle the lightweight (after all, Tulsi Gabbard knocked her out of the primary fight with a single knockdown in a televised faceoff).

But Pence was even more dominant than I’d expected.

It was late in the evening, but I hope people were still paying attention when he hit here on her piss-poor record as district attorney in San Francisco – non-violent black drug defendants were 19 more likely to be incarcerated than white or Hispanic offenders.

Those are devastating numbers. And she didn’t even have a weak explanation, even though those stats were what Tulsi pummeled her with.

On another topic, why can’t the Republicans get at least one neutral moderator?

Last night’s “moderator,” Susan Page, is writing a biography… of Nancy Pelosi.

Her quote about Madame Speaker: “She is fundamentally misunderstood by many in the public.”

Perhaps she’s right. Yesterday, speaking about the president’s drug regimen, Pelosi said, “The president has always had erotic behavior.”

So Susan Page took time out from penning yet another hagiography about a corrupt, power-crazed millionaire hack Democrat to try to throw a debate for her party.

This explains Page’s lines of questioning, trotting out one Democrat talking point after another: abortion, climate change, Breonna Taylor, will Trump leave office, etc.

Nothing about packing SCOTUS – Pence had to bring it up. Nothing about Obamagate and the corrupt FBI – Pence had to bring that one up too.

This woman works for USA Today, which gets most of its circulation, or did, from hotel chains that would leave a copy outside your door in the morning. I’m guessing circulation is way down since the Panic, and it wasn’t exactly flourishing considering its money-hemorrhaging parent company was gobbled up last year by a hedge-fund speculator.

Yesterday’s big story at USA Today: asking readers to ID the people in the White House crowd for the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS nomination.

I guess Susan Page et al. want to “shame” everybody who was there. They had some of the Roman Catholics already id’ed, and if they’d tested positive their names were boldfaced.

I’m not making this up.

So Comma La once again mentioned the “peaceful protests,” even as a suburb in Wisconsin was being looted after a cop (black) is acquitted of killing a black teenager (who happened to be armed with a Glock) and more riots in Minneapolis after the cop in the George Floyd death was released on $1 million bail.

By the way, Harris says they’re going to end “cash bail.” How’s that one working out for New York State? And incidentally, how can the president, Biden or Harris, end bail in 50 states? And if bail had been ended, that cop would have been out the next morning after taking Floyd down, right?

Final thought: I’m starting to feel sorry for Willie Brown.

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