Please, pay no attention to the hype about a red wave.

If you haven’t already done so, you must get out and vote Tuesday, no matter what. Remember what Chris Christie said during his first successful campaign for governor of New Jersey in 2009:

“We have to win by enough votes so that they won’t be able to steal the election.”

Dapper O’Neil, the late, great Boston city councilor, used to say on election day: “They won’t be countin’ my votes tonight. They’ll be weighin’ ‘em!”

That’s the kind of turnout we need tomorrow. They won’t be countin’ our votes, they’ll be weighin’ em!

What follows are my recommendations for New England voters. Since I have undoubtedly overlooked some worthy candidates, let me apologize up front.

Most years, and particularly this year, you can’t go wrong voting straight Republican down the ballot. A vote for any Democrat just encourages them, and that’s the last thing we should be doing after these last 22 months of one Brandon calamity after another.


The most important issue on the ballot is Question 1, the graduated income tax. If the welfare-industrial complex is finally able to repeal the flat five percent income tax (after five previous failed attempts), it will be a disaster for everyone who works for a living, because the 80 percent hike in the rate will not just be for millionaires.

Read my column here.

The hacks have an insatiable greed for your money, in order to support both themselves and the non-working classes in the sloth to which they have become accustomed over the generations. On Question 1, the Democrats have outspent the working classes more than 2-1, and that tells you all you need to know.

Sadly, the state’s Department of Revenue seems to be dragging its feet sending out refund checks to three million taxpayers under Chapter 62F.

Those refunds were supposed to start going out last Tuesday, and I don’t know a single person who’s gotten one – this is another case of political malpractice by Gov. Charlie Baker and his payroll patriots, because everyone who got a refund would have had concrete proof how much money the Commonwealth is awash in.

Vote NO on Question 1.

Then there’s Question 4 – drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens. Again, the welfare-industrial complex is outspending American workers – on this one by a margin of 13-1. They have $2.6 million to make sure that fentanyl dealers and MS 13 gangbangers can confidently conduct their deadly, nefarious rackets without any blowback on the public ways from law enforcement. What could possibly go wrong?

Vote NO on Question 4.

In the statewide races, let’s start with the only one that the Republicans have even a slight shot at winning.

Anthony Amore is running for state auditor. He’s the one statewide GOP candidate who’s running a real campaign, reaching out to that 91 percent of the electorate who are not registered Republicans.

Taxpayers need at least one non-woke office-holder to keep an eye on the aforementioned welfare-industrial complex that will soon control what little it doesn’t already dominate on Beacon Hill. Anthony is my friend and I’m a campaign contributor.

Vote Amore for auditor.

With the Democrat landslide looming at the top of the ballot, the comrades are trying to eliminate the great sheriff of Bristol County, Tom Hodgson. Read my column about his opponent here.

Don’t let the dark money Democrats take out Hodgson and replace him with a goofball who vacations in North Korea and defends allowing sex offenders into public libraries and swimming pools.

The district attorney for the Cape and Islands is Michael O’Keefe, a career Republican prosecutor who’s done a fine job. He’s retiring, and he’s 100 percent behind Dan Higgins, his top assistant DA. Dan is a great guy, and his opponent is, well, a Democrat. You know what that means in 2022, especially if they’re prosecutors. I’ll leave it at that.

Jim Cummings, the longtime sheriff of Barnstable, is also retiring. Please vote for state Rep. Tim Whelan of Brewster, a straight-arrow ex-state cop. He’s the Republican candidate to replace Cummings.

In Plymouth County, District Attorney Tim Cruz deserves reelection. He’s a law-and-order guy, which is most certainly required in a jurisdiction that includes Brockton.

In the legislative races, vote Republican whenever you can (unfortunately, that’s not very often). If the Democrat is unopposed, blank it. That way you let them know that not everybody loves them. It may discourage at least a few of these sticky-fingered unemployable hacks from committing one heinous crime or another. Probably not, but we can always hope.

As for everyone else running for statewide office on the Republican ticket besides Amore, there’s not much to say except, goodbye.

The GOP candidate for governor is three-time loser Geoff “Landslide” Diehl, who barely even campaigned this time out.

Given the alternative, I suppose you should still hold your nose and vote for the pathetic shell of a candidate that Diehl has become. The only problem is that if somehow he manages to get over 30 percent of the vote tomorrow, Landslide may interpret it as a mandate to go for his fifth loss, and fourth in a row, in 2024.

Let’s just hope he finally takes the hint after this latest beating. Geoff, how can we miss you when you won’t go away?

To repeat, whatever else you do, don’t forget to vote for your local GOP legislative candidates, among them incumbents Nick Boldyga, Dave DeCoste and Marc Lombardo, as well as Taunton challenger Chris Coute. (He’s a city councilor and ally of Taunton Mayor Shaunna O’Connell, who’ll be one of the survivors trying to pick up the pieces of the state GOP after tomorrow’s drubbings.)

In the state Senate, Sal DeFranco is running against hack Democrat lifer Barry Finegold of Andover. Do the right thing. Also, give Rep. Shawn Dooley of Norfolk a vote to oust the obnoxious state Sen. Becca Rausch of Needham.

There’s no real hope of ousting any of the dreadful incumbents in the MA Congressional delegation, but please remember Jesse Brown. He’s running against double-dipping Democrat Pelosi puppet Bill Keating. In case you’ve forgotten, in addition to his $174,000 slurp-a-year at the federal trough, Keating since January 2011 has been grabbing a state kiss in the mail that is now up to $115,099 per annum.

It’s one thing to feed at the trough. This Keating bird is licking the plate.

Here are Keating and Brown at their final debate last week. Keating’s doing the blah-blah-blah, and notice how effortlessly the ex-Marine handles the septuagenarian Democrat hack.


Karoline Leavitt is about to oust another despicable Democrat rumpswab, Chris Pappas. She just turned 25 years old and used to work in Trump’s White House press office.

First Kevin McCarthy’s RINO Republicans targeted her in the primary and then Pelosi puppet Pappas’ deep-state dark money Dems splattered her with yet more mud and lies. Altogether, Karoline has endured $20 million worth of negative ads run against her in just the last five months.

And yet she’s seven points ahead of Pelosi puppet Pappas in the latest polls. You go, girl! Come January, she’s gonna drive AOC et al. absolutely bat-bleep crazy.

In the NH Senate race, it was the same story, only double the slime against the Republican candidate, retired Brigadier Gen. Don Bolduc. Wrinkly 64-year-old incumbent hack Democrat Maggie Hassan has spent $40 million this cycle, to $2 million for Bolduc.

On top of that, Old Crow Mitch McConnell pulled millions of dollars that had been budgeted for Bolduc’s TV campaign. Bolduc, who had the stones to attend anti-vax rallies before everyone realized what a scam the Panic was, just wasn’t swampy enough for the Beltway RINO’s.

But guess what – in this final week Bolduc has just edged ahead of miserable Maggie, the horrible Hassan.

Bolduc campaigns with his black German shepherd named Victor. Now Bolduc is on the verge of being the victor as well as Victor’s owner.

Please help them get over the hump. Also, if you live in the Second CD in NH, go for Bob Burns, who’s trying to oust the wrinkly execrable 66-year-old Pelosi puppet Annie Kuster.


Ex-Gov. Paul LePage has never been ahead in the polls in any of the statewide races he’s run. He’s also never lost a statewide race. Is history about to repeat itself? Let’s hope so!

Since 2018, New England hasn’t had a Republican Congressman. Rep. Bruce Poliquin was the last one. He won his 2018 race in the Second District against Jared Golden by 2,000 votes but was cheated out of his triumph by so-called “ranked-choice voting.” (Another reason to vote for Anthony Amore: he led the successful fight against it in MA in 2020.)

Now Poliquin is back, and he’s running hard against grifter Golden, yet another party-line Pelosi puppet. How can anyone in the Second CD vote for a party whose insane green-energy cult is all in on policies that will cause Mainers to freeze to death this winter?

The Democrats, including Gov. Janet Mills, the 74-year-old failed incumbent running against LePage, have no answers for Down East voters confronting sky-high energy prices, as well as shortages of kerosene and likely rationing of home heating oil.

In the First CD, which is southern Maine, please cast your ballot for Ed Thelander, a 21-year Navy SEAL who is running against wrinkly 67-year-old seldom-show Pelosi puppet Chellie Pingree.


Gerald Malloy is the Republican candidate for the US Senate seat now held by decrepit 82-year-old Patrick “Leaky” Leahy, who is retiring. The 75-year-old doddering Democrat nominated to running to replace Leaky as Schumer’s stooge is yet another party-line Pelosi puppet, Rep. Peter Welsh.

Gerald Malloy is a good man, a West Point grad, retired US Army major, born in Dorchester, raised in Westwood MA. He would also be the first Howie Carr Show VIP to be elected to the Senate. (He was a paying VIP back in July.)

I look forward to wearing my official campaign tee-shirt – Deploy Malloy – on Wednesday after he becomes the first Republican to represent Vermont in Congress since the back-stabbing quisling Jim Jeffords quit the GOP in 2001.


Allan Fung used to be the mayor of Cranston, home of Narragansett Beer, and soon he’ll be the first Republican Congressman from Rhode Island in 34 years.

He’s running against the trust-funded Birkenstock-clad hipster Seth Magaziner, who is the spawn of the even more dreadful Ira Magaziner, who’s spent his life trying to fundamentally transform the USA on behalf of the Clinton Crime Family. Both Magaziners went to Brown University, Ira after he drifted into Rhode Island from, where else, New York City.

In addition to Brown University, Daddy Magaziner was also a Rhodes scholar at Oxford with the disbarred president. How many more reasons do you need to vote for Fung, or for that matter ABM – Anybody But Magaziner?


The Nutmeg State is another New England state with a recent shortage of Republicans in Congress — there hasn’t been one since Nancy Johnson was defeated by that appalling lightweight’s lightweight hack Chris Murphy in 2006.

But now George Logan, a former state senator, is running even (or maybe even a little ahead) of yet another shameless party-line Pelosi puppet, Jahana Hayes. She’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the teachers’ unions, in the old Johnson district that borders both Massachusetts and New York.

It would be even more glorious to finally be rid of Sen. Richard “Danang Dick” Blumenthal, the uber-leftist 76-year-old hack who just recently lied about attending a dinner honoring a member of the Communist Party.

Lying is Blumenthal’s stock in trade – even the far-left New York Times called him out for his decades of stolen valor, claiming to have been not only to be a Vietnam veteran, but also to have been spat upon in San Francisco on the Embarcadero when he returned in uniform to “the World.”

(In fact, Blumenthal is just another pampered puke from New York City who spent the Vietnam war first at Harvard College and then at Yale Law School before inheriting more than $100 million.)

Please retire Danang Dick by voting for Leora Levy, the Cuban-born Republican candidate. She fled Communism while Blumenthal sucks up to the totalitarian leftists.

Trump wanted her to be ambassador to Peru, but her nomination was scuttled by Sens. Chuck Schumer and Robert Menendez, another Democrat sleazemeister who by the way is under investigation by the feds yet again after being acquitted in a federal corruption rap in Newark.

Trump loves Leora Levy. He threw a fundraiser for her at Mar-A-Lago recently.

That’s it. Vote vote vote. Go Republican all the way down the line. These Democrats need to be taught a lesson – good and hard.

As Henry Hill said in Goodfellas, “Everybody takes a beating sometime.”

Has any political party ever deserved a beating any more than the Democrats this year?

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