Howie Carr’s first mention in an FBI file from ’75

Want to know why Howie Carr doesn’t trust the FBI? Let’s just say, he has had experiences to back up his… skepticism, shall we say, about what he calls the Famous But Incompetent agency that once employed convicted Mob hit men (who were also “decorated FBI agents”) Zip Connolly and H. Paul Rico.

Here’s my first mention in corrupt Democrat FBI files from 1975 — it’s a lie by the way, about how they decided not to try to intimidate me. A couple of these corrupt G-man thugs swaggered into the newsroom and demanded to know where I got the FBI files on the Black Panthers. I told them to screw! This is how I know how much the FBI lies, because they lied about me, just like they lied in the FISA warrant application. Later, in Boston, Democrat gangster Whitey Bulger was bribing six G-men — 6! — while he had a murder contract out on me. The G-men did nothing. (That number of crooked G-men, 6, came from what Stevie Flemmi told the DEA.)

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