Howie Carr: We’ve all had just about enough of this Schiff

Whatever happened to the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution — you know, the one prohibiting infliction of “cruel and unusual punishment” on prisoners?

Rep. Adam Schiff has already put 16 hours in on his “opening arguments” in the Senate, with a little help here and there from Rep. Jerry “the Penguin” Nadler and assorted other Democrat lunatics.

And the 100 members of the Senate — also known as the prisoners — have to put in another eight hours in stir today listening to Shifty Schiff’s same old you-know-what.

If 24 hours of Adam Schiff’s bug-eyed rants don’t represent cruel and unusual punishment, then what does?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein fled Wednesday night, not even trying to cover her tracks, saying “Goodnight” to two reporters as she took it on the lam. Granted, she’s 85 years old, but it has to be excruciating even if you’re not knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door.

Sen. Rand Paul was seen surreptitiously doing a crossword puzzle. Sen. Bernie Sanders, almost as ancient as Feinstein, dozed at his desk.

Of course the Democrats with press passes were swooning over Schiff’s BS, claiming to be fascinated, enthralled, riveted — breathless, as if they were reviewing opening night of a hit Broadway musical. Sen. Chuck Schumer went so far as to say that Schiff was delivering his remarks “succinctly.”

Succinctly! I was a young man when Adam Schiff began speaking … and he hasn’t stopped yakking yet.

As a reporter, I’ve always enjoyed covering trials. It’s all right there in front of you, on the public record. When either side introduces a photo or document into evidence, you can put it into the paper. You can bring cameras into state courtrooms. At the Moakley Federal Courthouse, you can tweet.

But the fact is, even the best trials have … shall we say … dry spells. When technical testimony is being put into evidence, or the lawyers are arguing among themselves with the judge at interminable sidebar conferences.

Still, a spectator always know that eventually, the action in the courtroom is going to resume. Take opening arguments — I don’t think I’ve ever heard one go on longer than a couple of hours. A judge wouldn’t permit it. Beyond that, any lawyer that long-winded would lose the jury, before he even called his first witness.

But these Democrats just keep droning on … and on … and on.

And there seem to be no rules. First of all, the president is not charged with committing bribery, treason, or any other high crimes or misdemeanors. In a real trial, that would be enough for the defense counsel to immediately move for a directed verdict of acquittal. How can you convict somebody of … nothing?

Another thing: Schiff has mentioned Russia, I believe, more than 40 times. Again, in a real courtroom, the defense lawyer would be on his feet, objecting. These same clowns tried to frame Trump on the Russian collusion hoax, and he was, in effect, acquitted.

So there’s another amendment to the Bill of the Rights that the Democrats are trashing: the Fifth.

“No person shall … be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life and limb.”

Unless, of course, your name is Donald Trump.

One by one, the Democrats are trashing the entire Bill of Rights. In 2016, Hillary Clinton openly ran on a platform of overturning Citizens United (the First Amendment) and D.C. v. Heller (the Second).

Then there’s the Fourth Amendment, prohibiting illegal search and seizure. Ask Carter Page how that works out for you in the Democrats’ secret corrupt FISA courts with their secret Democrat police known as the FBI falsifying evidence against you.

Making up evidence under oath — the Democrats don’t care much about the 10 Commandments either, apparently. Remember Number 8 — “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Unless he works for Donald Trump and went to the U.S. Naval Academy. Then it’s okay, right Democrats?

How about the Sixth Amendment — you know, the one that lets the accused confront his accuser. That one’s out the window now too, at least for POTUS. The “whistleblower” must be protected at all costs, especially since he has no direct evidence, only hearsay, which used to be inadmissible in a court. But that’s just the old Constitution, and,the Democrats go by the “living Constitution,” which means, they make it up as they go along, to frame anyone they disagree with, which is anybody who they disparage as a Deplorable.

It’s bad for everybody, but especially Rand Paul. First a Bernie bro tried to shoot him at a baseball practice. Then his moonbat neighbor in Kentucky (originally from New Bedford) almost killed him in an unprovoked assault.

And now Paul has to listen to Adam Schiff for 24 hours, with only a crossword puzzle for comfort.

Are the nominations for the 2020 Profiles in Courage Award closed? I’d like to make a motion for Rand Paul … .

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