Howie Breaks Down Parker’s “DATA” – 8.17.20

Time for new daily virus charts now that Gov. Charlie Parker has killed the most revealing one, which tracked deaths by age group, and which proved how negligible deaths are among those under the age of 80.

The two we will use are the one on page one, total “confirmed” deaths, and the one on page 15, COVID-19 Cases in Long-Term Care Facilities.

According to the various charts, 19 of the 25 “confirmed” deaths over the past four days were in the nursing homes supposedly regulated by Tall Deval.

However, if you go to page 12, “Daily and Cumulative Deaths” you will learn that 50 people died in MA over the past four days.

In fine print on page 12 the hacks say: “Counts on the trend chart do not match total number of deaths reported, as there is a several-day lag  in reporting by date of deaths.”

In other words, the numbers are junk. Naturally those are the ones that are released to the media every afternoon.

Overall, 5653 of the state’s 8607  “confirmed” fatalities have occurred in the state-regulated death houses.

Avg. age of decedents remains either 82 or 86, depending on which set of DPH numbers you choose to believe.

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