How generous! A plan for *free* community college

Beacon Hill is at it again with taxpayer abuse.

Can the working people in Massachusetts get a restraining order – a sort of political 209 (A) – to keep the hacks away from our wallets?

This week the state Senate unveiled their version of the Commonwealth’s annual budget. Did they cut any taxes? No!

Their goal is to spend us into oblivion so that the number of people fleeing our state doubles and they can raise taxes even higher, not necessarily in that order. 

Although Senate leadership will claim that they have cut Gov. Maura Healey’s request for illegal-alien hotels in half by following the House’s lead, they have not.

They included an additional $175 million for more welfare for non-working illegals in the Senate budget. 

Another expensive game the House and Senate are playing is only covering the hotel costs for the calendar year, not the fiscal year. That means the state will run out of money for the illegals right after the November elections. So this budget is far from being balanced.

To generate some allegedly positive headlines, Senate President Karen Spilka, the genius behind the tech tax that had to be repealed six weeks after it was enacted, is giving away free community college.

How generous of her!

Her scheme is to spend $75 million for “free” community college. However, the state already gives away free education to nurses and people over the age of 25 seeking a degree, so the total costs are more like $118 million.

But there is also the cost for the illegals. Last year the legislature passed in-state tuition breaks – read, free tuition, like everything else for illegals — so add whatever those costs are to the $118 million total. 

Spilka’s grand plan even includes $1,200 for books. 

Once a new giveaway is started, it never ends. We can expect that Beacon Hill will expand free college tuition to the universities next. 

Don’t you love paying for foreign freeloaders and now for someone else’s education!  How did any of this become our responsibility to pay?

I say if you voted Democrat, then you should pay for it, not the rest of us with brains in our heads. 

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