“House of Horrors” Can’t Be Ignored

Has Mayor Michelle Wu said anything? Has she expressed… anything? This is a city-owned project.

Six days later, where’s the outrage?

Why does the uber-woke Boston establishment seem remarkably nonchalant about this horrible discovery of four little boys in a BHA project in South Boston with six adult males dressed as women, one of whom was dead of an apparent overdose?

In fact, anyone who relies on state-run media for their “news” probably didn’t learn about anything about this crime until four or five days after the first 9-1-1 calls on Saturday morning – if they know anything even now.

And that’s exactly the way the powers that be want it, because the story from the Mary Ellen McCormack housing project doesn’t fit the narrative.

The bare-bone facts from the Boston Fire Department report are shocking: firefighters responded to a drug overdose call on Saturday morning. Upon arrival, they discovered a “house of horrors,” as City Councilor Erin Murphy described it.

Firefighters found a dead body on the floor, as well as drugs, alcohol, sex toys and “approximately 6 adults, who appeared to be males.”

In other words, they were dressed as women.

“Ladder 18 found 4 children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male from first responders.”

All the persons “who appeared to be males” refused to cooperate. The male in the back, who was reportedly wearing a wig, denied that the children, all boys between the ages of 5 and 10, were his own.

According to Murphy, firefighters didn’t know that the young boys were being held in the back room until they heard “cries for help.”

The Herald broke this story Tuesday.

Has Mayor Michelle Wu said anything? Has she expressed… anything? This is a city-owned project. The incoming head of the BHA is a now-former city councilor who served with Wu.

On Tuesday, with this story in the paper, on line, Wu went on public radio – National Panhandler Radio – and apparently said nothing about it. The dithering geriatric hosts didn’t mention it either. She did however discuss the traffic accident she was recently involved in while being driven by the BPD’s “dignitary protection team.”

I guess those four young boys with the six adult males dressed as women in an apartment full of drugs and sex toys aren’t dignitaries.

At least Gov. Maura Healey called the situation “absolutely heartbreaking.” She said the boys are now in custody of the Department of Children and Families, which happens to have been until February the employer of the 32-year-old woman who just caught posing as a teenager at three different Boston public schools.

But at least Healey said something.

What about the 12 current members of the Boston City Council? Three have spoken out – Murphy, City Council President Ed Flynn and councilor at large Mike Flaherty, who released the brief BFD report. A fourth councilor who would have said something, Frank Baker of Dorchester, is out of the country.

So that’s four of the 12. As for the other eight… nothing. Nada. Apparently they don’t see this as worthy of at least an insincere press release posted on their websites.

What about the Boston media? It’s not like the old days, when you could keep a lid on a story like this that embarrasses the powers that be. Does the Boston Globe believe that if they say nothing, no one will know anything?

But they’re giving this story a good leaving-alone, as if it contained such words as “Burisma,” “Biden” and “$10 million in bribes.”

So far the out-of-town outlets that have followed up on the Herald story include such conservative outfits as Breitbart, American Thinker, Jack Posobiec and DCDraino, among others.

The house of horrors even made the Daily Mail in London yesterday. They said the dead person as “a transgender black woman.”

But for the Globe, covering this story is like the third rail of journalism. I wonder why they’re so reluctant to deal with a local crime story. It’s almost as if they’re afraid of offending somebody.

Yesterday, finally, the Globe’s checked in with a rather vague story rewritten from the Herald about “4 children found in squalid South Boston apartment.”

They called the adults “six men,” with no mention of their attire, and no mention that the four children were all male. The word “overdose” did not appear until the fifth paragraph.

This isn’t the first time the Globe has ever averted its collective eyesight from misbehavior by a resident of that particular housing project. Back when it was known as Old Harbor Village, one of its residents was a local pedophile serial killer and cocaine dealer by the name of James “Whitey” Bulger.

Whitey dumped the body of at least one of his victims in a car at the project (13 bullet holes, including two head shots). And yes, the pedophile mobster occasionally flew off to Mexico with underage females.

Yet none of this stopped the Globe from rhapsodizing about Whitey’s wonderfulness. They said he was one fabulous fellow. Forget the “he kept the drugs out of Southie” nonsense promulgated by their fake-news metro columnists.

Back when Whitey Bulger of Old Harbor Village owned the South Boston Liquor Mart, one morning a Globe photographer drove through the rotary on his way into the city. He noticed a City of Boston road crew installing parking curbs outside the gangster’s package store.

The Globe photographer took some pictures – it seemed like a very good news story. He turned in his photos and expected to see them on the front page the next morning. There was nothing.

Instead, the photographer drove by the organized-crime clubhouse and saw the parking curbs being dug up and removed. His photos never appeared.

How do we know this? Because the photographer testified to it in federal court. The Globe gave a heads-up to Whitey, so as to avoid embarrassing their proud fellow Democrat.

That’s how in the satchel the Boston Globe was for an earlier pedophile who lived in that very same housing project in South Boston.

So you can say this non-coverage has been a very bad look for the Globe. But it’s nothing new.

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