‘Hos long to die in cold’ search dooms Karen Read prosecution

At one point yesterday, Honest Jen McCabe said, “I am a witness! I am not on trial.” Can we quote you on that, Toothy?

This trial’s over, except for the movie deals and the book contracts.

Meatball Mike Morrissey and the McAlberts were never going to get a murder conviction on Karen Read.

But after yesterday morning’s cross-examination of Honest Jen McCabe, everything going forward is just a formality. The hack prosecutors from Norfolk County are merely going through the motions as we move towards Karen Read’s victory press conference outside the Dedham courthouse, probably just before Independence Day.

Any lingering doubts about her inevitable acquittal ended Wednesday morning about 10:20 a.m.

That was when Honest Jen McCabe read the time stamp from her phone about when she first googled the words:

“Hos long to die in cold.”

The time she read was: “2:27.”

That was just under four hours before the body of BPD officer John O’Keefe was discovered in the snow outside her sister’s home, with the back of his head bashed in and a hematoma above his right eye.


Seven jurors immediately jotted the number down in their notebooks.

Game set match.

Again, Honest Jen McCabe searched for “how long to die in snow” four hours before O’Keefe’s body was found in the snow. Four hours!

On Tuesday, Honest Jen had blamed six calls to O’Keefe’s cell phone on butt dials. Then she deleted them – excuse me, someone or something deleted them, because she said she doesn’t know how to delete anything.

That was her testimony anyway, under oath.

Alan Jackson then asked whether she googled that question at 2:27 a.m. “because you knew John O’Keefe was outside on your sister’s lawn dying in the snow?”

Honest Jen McCabe denied it. Honest, she did.

“I see your search,” Honest Jen told Alan Jackson, “but I disagree with your narrative.”

Narrative? It’s not a narrative, it’s data – forensic data.

“I did not delete that search. I never made that search at 2:23.”

Notice, she got the time wrong, by four minutes. Nobody asked her about 2:23.

Earlier, Honest Jen said under oath that she didn’t even remember the six words – Hos (sic) long to die in cold.

“You literally don’t remember?” Alan Jackson said. “Under oath, literally, you’re saying you don’t remember it? Do you or don’t you remember?”

When all her testimony was over, as she left the courtroom Honest Jen didn’t even flash one final Jack-o-Lantern smile at the jury.

Afterwards, the hack prosecutor, Adam Lally, seemed listless, deflated.

Lally is a complete boob, but even he knows it’s all over. He’s just sitting there in court, dreaming of that big kiss in the mail he’s got coming down the road – let’s see, 80 percent of $145,000 is….

Ditto, his boss, Meatball Mike Morrissey. That bloated lifelong payroll patriot turns 70 this summer, and he’ll be 72 when his term is finished in 2026. So 80 percent of $191,000 is….

Even before the 2:27 moment, Honest Jen knew she was road kill. That was why she started throwing her own cops under the bus.

Yesterday she disputed police reports about her by Michael Lank, a Canton cop, and by Mass State Police Lt. Brian Tully ($206,000 last year, including overtime). This was after her testimony Tuesday that Trooper Michael Proctor, still another townie and good pal, misquoted her in one of his reports.

“Proctor Trooper,” as she calls her dear friend, is now under investigation by Internal Affairs. After he got the assignment, he texted some of his nitwit high-school buddies from Canton about how he was trolling Karen Read’s seized phone for nude photos of her.

How Canton is it?

For such despicable behavior, Proctor pocketed $146,000 last year because… hackerama.

The verdict may be foreordained, but I still can’t wait for the cross-examination of Proctor Trooper.

“So Trooper,” Alan Jackson will ask, “why don’t you tell the jury if you ever did find any nude photos of Karen Read on her phone?”

None of the parties in the courtroom are supposed to mention the 800-pound gorilla in the case – the federal grand jury. But it keeps coming up, even in bits and pieces that the jury may or may not be picking up on.

Yesterday it was poor Adam Lally half-heartedly attempting to salvage something of Honest Jen McCabe’s testimony. On Tuesday she recalled with “100 percent clarity” that Karen Read, the defendant, said of her boyfriend, “I hit him! I hit him! I hit him!”

However, it turns out that the first 12 times Honest Jen was asked that, on the first day after O’Keefe’s death, she did not recall that damning statement.

In June of 2023, in what Lally described as a “separate proceeding,” Honest Jen first put the “I hit him” mantra into Karen Read’s mouth.

“Under oath,” Honest Jen pointed out. That was more than 17 months after O’Keefe’s death. That’s how long it took her to remember those words, “I hit him.” And she still can’t remember “Hos long to die in cold.”

At one point yesterday, Honest Jen McCabe said, “I am a witness! I am not on trial.”

Can we quote you on that, Toothy?

In retrospect, Honest Jen, when Karen Read’s lawyer asked you yesterday about the 2:27 search “Hos long to die in cold,” you should have stuck with your original alibi for everything.

It was a butt dial.

No court today. It’s the hackerama baby.

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