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Happy early Thanksgiving, Judge Shelley Joseph!

Happy early Thanksgiving, Judge Shelley Joseph!

The card-carrying millionaire fellow traveler has a lot to be thankful for this year, and at the top of the gratitude list is that she’s a Democrat.

Every day, in every way, Democrats prove that if it weren’t for double standards, they would have no standards whatsoever.

And today’s poster gal for the fact that the rules just do not apply to Democrats – especially if they’re pampered pukes in multiple protected classes – is Judge Shelley Joseph.

Consider her uber-woke resume:

Former member of the Democrat State Committee.

Raised in People’s Republic of Brookline, where she served on the Brookline Commission on the Status of Women.

Bill Clinton campaign worker after law school.

Campaign contributor to Deval Patrick and Martha Coakley, among others.

Now lives in super chic South Natick.

And so it is only appropriate that the Supreme Judicial Court has finally reinstated her as a district court judge, now that the mid-term elections are over and Thanksgiving nears.

This legacy limousine liberal had been suspended (with pay). Her paid vacation began after she was indicted for letting a twice-deported illegal alien Dominican career criminal arrested on drug-possession charges out the back door of her courthouse in Newton. That way he could avoid an ICE agent in the lobby and was able to continue his one-amigo crime wave against the American people.

Opening the border to millions of these drug-dealing Third World savages is all part of the Democrats’ plan for the fundamental transformation of America. And Judge Joseph is, may I remind you, a proud Democrat.

She was indicted on obstruction-of-justice charges by the feds – when Donald Trump was president. Once Dementia Joe was selected as president, it was inevitable that the charges would be dismissed because… Democrats.

It didn’t matter that the First Circuit Court of Appeals had upheld the indictment after she appealed. It didn’t mean a thing that she was guilty far beyond a reasonable doubt. All that mattered was… Democrats.

Naturally, as a Beautiful Person she hasn’t suffered in the slightest for her crimes against the Republic. She never had to pay her attorneys – first the state picked up the tab, and then when that ended after inquiries from this newspaper, her attorneys decided to work “pro bono” – wink wink nudge nudge.

Likewise, despite not having set foot in a state courtroom since April 2019, she’s still been paid. In fact, her pay as gone through the roof – she was making $181,328 a year when she obstructed justice, and now she’s up to $207,855.

Indictment, where is thy sting?

The federal charges were thrown out in September – by a hack-fed prosecutor from Boston who’s since drifted down to Providence. But she wasn’t reinstated as a judge until after the mid-terms because… Democrats.

Have you noticed how much news that might have adversely affected Democrat chances has broken in the last 10 days, post-election?

Remember the raid on Donald Trump’s mansion and how he might have been stashing nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago – turns out that story was as phony as the Russian collusion hoax.

Then there was the probe of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani – never mind!

Then there was the collapse of Democrat mega-donor Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto-Ponzi scam – but not until two days after the election, after his $40 million in checks to Democrat Deep Staters had already been cashed.

And remember those two New York Democrat lawyers from protected classes who firebombed an NYPD police car – they were finally disbarred, right after the polls closed.

And now, Judge Shelley Joseph is cleared for a return to the bench, because… Democrats.

Did I mention that Joseph was nominated to her sinecure by Gov. Charlie Baker, who claims to be a Republican even as he nominated lawless radical trust-funded American-hating leftists like Joseph to the bench?

Just how criminal was her behavior? Joseph has admitted she kept the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent out of her courtroom, even though he was just trying to do his job of keeping America safe by making sure these freeloading foreign fiends are deported back to the Third World hellholes where they belong.

Then she violated state court rules by ordering the recording of the hearings turned off for 52 seconds, while she huddled with the career criminal’s public defender about how to help the undocumented Democrat.

The lawyer asked the white-guilt-consumed, virtue-signaling fat-cat Democrat judge to let his client “go back downstairs” so he could flee and continue fundamentally transforming America with his crime spree.

Originally, the illegal was identified as Jose Medina-Perez, but then it turned out that wasn’t his real name, that he was in fact Oscar Manuel Peguero.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

So now that the election is over, Shelley Joseph can be returned to the bench – just in time for Thanksgiving.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat my prediction. The only question now for Judge Shelley Joseph is whether she’ll be promoted to, say, the SJC, by Gov.-elect Maura Healey, or whether she’ll be moving on to the federal bench courtesy of Dementia Joe.

Because she has performed services for her party above and beyond the call of duty.

Because… Democrats.

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