Hippie hootenannies for Hamas revolting

Hey, all you filthy hippies and trust-funded useful idiots, I have a suggestion for you.

Stop blocking Mass Ave and setting up Soros-villes on every campus in America and do something for your Hamas heroes.

Go east, young non-binaries, and enlist in a terrorist brigade.

Hamas is looking for a few good gender-fluids.

It’s easy to chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!”

But comrades, it’s time to really do something about “freeing” Palestine, and let the rest of us live our lives in peace?

Which side are you on?

You want to fight for the Nazis, fascist fanboys that you are, then go do it. Buy a first-class plane ticket to somewhere in the Mideast – Mommy and Daddy won’t mind you using their ActBlue credit cards – and join up.

Whatever happened to putting your money where your mouth is? During the Spanish Civil War, a lot of the Stalin-worshiping American Reds decided to leave New York City and go to Spain to fight for the “Republican” side, i.e., the Commies.

Those fellow travelers lost to Franco’s Axis-backed forces. But at least the Abraham Lincoln Brigade cared enough about their cause to try to do something.

Have you seen any Hamas recruiting tables on, say, Huntington Avenue? Or around the Transportation Building? Or anywhere in Cambridge?

Where are all the terrorists’ recruiting posters?

Al Qaeda is looking for a few good suicide bombers!

I want YOU for the Islamic Jihad!

These purple-haired gender-studies majors are not exactly street-fighting men, er, whatevers.

Look what happened at Columbia when one of the 40-year-old hippies, who lives in a $2.3-million mansion in Brooklyn, got in a tussle with a 45-year-old janitor. Little Richie Rich got his yacht-club butt kicked.

After biting all the campus cops, shouldn’t the snowflakes be ready to rumble in Raffah? All that toxic masculinity in the IDF tanks is no match for a DEI box-checker, right?

At the very least, the hippie Nazis could turn over their trust funds to, say, the Taliban, to be used for the razing of all remaining girls’ schools in Kabul.

I hear the resurgent ISIS wants to build some more tall buildings that they can throw gays off of, as in their glory days before Trump bombed them back into the Stone Age.

Surely skyscrapers-for-ISIS is a fund-raising drive that Queers for Palestine could get behind, so to speak.

Back in October, when Harvard’s uber-entitled Muslim exchange students gleefully endorsed genocide of the Jewish people, suddenly there was… angst on campus. Do you recall what the biggest concern of the foreign savages was?

That they would have their student visas revoked, and would all be deported back to Palestine, among other Third World bleepholes.

This is what all the current (non-negotiable) demands about dropping the charges against the foreign freeloaders are about. Abdul and Muhammed and all the rest of them are all the new wild and crazy guys of 2024.

It’s more fun than ever to be flopping here in the Great Satan – you no longer have to even pretend to be studying anymore at any U.S. university.

Hamas riots are just the latest fad, this season’s hippie hootenanny. From pink hats in 2017 to blue COVID masks in 2020 to keffiyehs in 2024 – they’re all just Democrat fashion accessories.

Ukraine was another one. Remember the blue-and-gold flags, avatars, yard signs, etc. Half the time the colors were upside down but, like, dude, who cares, totally?

I kept waiting for the recruiting drives. For a few minutes, the non-binaries were turned on by Zelenskyy, with his well-trimmed hipster beard and his butch Zara-esque monochrome combat fatigues.

They could have all signed up for a volunteer Ukrainian outfit – the Man Bun Brigade, or should it have been the Burisma Brigade? Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s son Connor went to Kyiv for a cup of coffee and, er, that was about it.

But that’s still one more than has shown for the big Rafah rager now underway. The pukes hate America so damn much, yet not a single one of them is willing to… fight the machine, as they used to say back in the day when you showed you were down for the struggle by wearing, not a keffiyeh, but a Che Guevara beret.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It’s time for the jihad jamboree – come on down!

Right now these nose-rings are really a headache for working people. Some are doing well – I hear local assistant clerk magistrates, the guys who handle the $40 bonds for minor crimes, have been making big bucks lately.

Do the math – 100 lugged hippies times 40 bucks is four grand. Good weekend money, if you can handle the wicked stench from a bunch of punks who haven’t bathed in months.

Other than those bail bondsmen, though, this is a complete embarrassment. The college administrators are unmasked (yet again) as the feckless cucks that they are. The students are exposed (yet again) as ignorant, lazy sheep. And the parents realize (yet again) that they’re being played for total chumps.

There used to be an old moonbat bumper sticker: Think Globally, Act Locally.

Do the MIT pukes realize that a few months back, when Maura Healey started packing illegal-alien Haitians into the old probate courthouse in East Cambridge, MIT offered to let them use their shower facilities?

Guess what? MIT reneged on its pledge once it realized what it was getting into. The state had to clear out the courthouse parking lot to bring in trailers for the Third World indigents to bathe in.

Hey, MIT hippies, why not a demonstration to force your school to open up the MIT gyms for all the nice illegal aliens?

One final note: In Ontario, the hippie rabble just spray-painted the steps of a university building.

The graffiti said, “Free Palastine.”

At least in the Sixties, the hippies could spell.

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