Here is what Howie is talking about today! 9.28.20

Monday stories we’ll be talking about on my show today:

  • Today’s “bombshell” is that President Trump doesn’t pay much in income taxes “due to losses and debt.” Yeah, that’s how the tax code works. But it gives the Democrat stenographers with press passes their lede going into tomorrow night’s debate.
  • When is the NYT going to get the tax returns of Hunter Biden, you know, Dementia Joe’s coke-addled alcoholic son who got a $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of the mayor of Moscow who was so corrupt even Vladimir Putin got rid of him.
  • Do you know anyone who pays more taxes than they have to? How many MA residents “check the box” to pay at the old, higher state income tax rate? Nobody who makes over 10 grand, if you do the math.
  • How bad is ABC radio news? It’s even worse than it was in the days when they killed the story on the death of Marilyn Monroe, and the Kennedys’ involvement in it. The ABC lede this morning was, you guessed it, the “bombshell” story about POTUS’ taxes. Second story: Florida is reopening even though a “grim milestone” has been passed – 700,000 positive cases, or tests, or something. I know it wasn’t deaths, because the hacks never mention virus deaths anymore but it was a “grim milestone” nonetheless. Anything to keep the panic going.
  • Good weekend for Boston sports, and no, I don’t mean the Pats defeating the Raiders. I mean both the Red Sox and the Celtics were eliminated or finished their pathetic seasons. Which should reduce the amount of virtue-signaling in Shillville by about 90 percent. What will the cheerleaders and pom-pom wavers of the local sporting press write and yap about now?
  • Joe Biden this weekend said he’d served in the Senate for 180 years. On Zoom, he talked to a guy named “John” who apparently wasn’t there. Press reaction? Crickets.
  • In 2010 Americans were asked by Obama to adopt Haitian orphans after the earthquake. Now Amy Coney Barrett has two adopted Haitian children, and someone named Ibram X. Kendi of the “Center for Anti-Racist Research” at Boston University calls her a “white colonizer” who’s using the kids for “props.” Wonderful.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo is insane. Check out the NY Post editorial. His latest: he rips the vaccine and also says he may cut off funding to NYC if police reforms don’t meet his standards (this after slamming the equally preposterous mayor De Blasio for the out-of-control crime). Finally, Fredo’s brother announced that Breonna Taylor was “murdered.”
  • Project Veritas discovers massive “ballot harvesting fraud” in Minneapolis in the Congressional district of… well, can you guess?
  • Boston Globe commits a random act of journalism this morning, finally discovering the horrific death toll in MA nursing homes – 2nd highest rate in the US. One in seven MA nursing-home residents dead, but Globe has to give Tall Deval the tongue bath nonetheless, saying he and his corrupt administration are “praised for its overall pandemic response.” Praised by whom? We also have 3rd highest overall death rate in US, and 6th highest unemployment rate, after being WORST in nation prior two months.
  • Sidebar story in the Globe has this shocking headline: “Gov. Baker and his staff continue to withhold key pandemic data.” You don’t say! How’d the bow-tied bum kissers figure that one out.
  • What happened to the previous Globe narrative: “Trump Murders 200,000 Americans?”
  • Very disappointed that Maria Bartiroma reports that no Obamagate indictments or even reports will be issued before election. And I wish Bill Barr had a better way of getting out all this new information about the worst scandal in US political history than just by releasing them to Gen. Flynn’s lawyer to be included in public court filings. Anyone relying on the corrupt alt-left media for “news” still has no idea how bad it is.
  • Google “William Barnett” and “FBI” – he laid it all out for the feds how corrupt Mueller’s angry Democrats were. That’s the good news. The bad news is, he wasn’t even interviewed until Sept. 17. FBI director Christopher Wray must go!
  • Weekend death toll in Chicago violence: 48 people shot, 7 fatally. How’s that gun control working out for the Windy City? Also, a 5-year-old girl stabbed to death.
  • Tune in to my show at 3 p.m.

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