Healey Steps in as Bad Policy Begins to Show in Polls, Revenue

The state is spending too much on illegal aliens as revenue is declining.

Did you hear that Rep. Josh Cutler (D-Duxbury) resigned?  Surprise! Surprise!  He is taking a post with the Healey illegal-alien-coddling administration. 

With a state budget of more than $56 billion, Gov. Maura Healey could not find one job that Cutler could fill.  She had to create a new position with the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.  Cutler will be an “undersecretary of apprenticeship, work-based learning, and policy.”

Who knew there was such a need?

Of course, it will pay six-figures plus!!

Cutler is the second legislator to get a newly created hack job.  The first one went to Senator Anne Gobi who Peter Durant (R-Spencer) just replaced in a special election to the shock and awe of the Democrats.

Now the hot rumor coming out of the State House is that there will not be a special election called because it is already too close to the general election next November.  Is it really too late?  No! 

When Rep. Shaunna O’Connell was elected Mayor, the special election to replace her was called in January for later in the spring. 

So why are the rumors flying around that Speaker Ron Mariano won’t call a special election?  It is an easy answer: Peter Durant.

After losing the Gobi Senate seat, the Democrats know they have a problem. They did everything in their power to make sure Rep. Jonathan Zlotnik (D-Gardner) won. The Senate President scheduled the Primary on Oct. 10 so that Durant had less than four weeks between the primary and general elections.  They scheduled the general election on the same day the two cities in the district had municipal elections to help increase Democrat turnout! Despite all their gamesmanship to hold on to the seat, Durant won. 

And he won on campaigning on one issue – illegal immigration—which is getting worse by the minute. 

Now the Healey Administration is starting to deploy 9C cuts because the state is spending too much on illegal aliens as revenue is declining. While this is a recipe for disaster for the Commonwealth, it is a pathway to victory for Republican candidates.

So the Speaker might not call for a special election hoping that Democrat chances might improve by November.  He might be grossly miscalculating if the Healey administration doesn’t change course on the invasion of handout-demanding illegal aliens flooding the Commonwealth and costing law-abiding American taxpayers billions of dollars a year in welfare payments.

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