Healey math means more money out of your pocket

When asked about a possible tax increase, Healey did not rule it out!

It was Ground Hog Day not too long ago, and we are now reliving 2014 when Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick passed the largest tax package in our state’s history that contained automatic gas tax hikes.

Last month, Gov. Maura Healey created a new Transportation Funding Task Force.

‘Funding’ is the keyword here.

Like Tax-It-All Deval, Healey appears to be warming up to push a tax increase on drivers.  The Task Force says everything is on the table when it comes to finding long term solutions for transportation.  When asked about a possible tax increase, Healey did not rule it out!

Like Patrick’s phony promise to cut our property taxes, Healey appears to have lied in her ads about making Massachusetts affordable and reducing taxes. So it is now just a matter of if she will raise the gas tax or create open road tolling? 

But why do we need the money for transportation? I don’t understand!

Last year, the liberals passed the so-called millionaires’ tax (grad tax) with the newfound money dedicated to education and transportation. What happened to all that money? Did the millionaires take it with them when they fled the state? Did she redirect that money elsewhere? Or did she spend it all?

The answers are yes, yes and yes.

The state is spending an extra $2 billion on illegal immigrants pouring into Massachusetts, because she is giving them everything free including lawyers. The money had to come from somewhere.

As for her transportation spending, Healey hired last year 1000 new workers at the MBTA. Instead of investing in repairs, she spent money on hiring more hacks who will be eligible for pensions. This week she announced reduced T fares for low-income families.

Isn’t that nice of her? You will be paying more at the pump to fund the T, because she likes her giveaways to her constituents.

Now Healey will most likely push this tax increase now, because the deadline for filing a ballot question to repeal has passed. However, her legislative cronies will be on the ballot and we can hold them accountable. We just need some Republican candidates to step forward. Nomination papers are now available. It only takes 150 certified signatures to run for the House and 300 to run for the Senate.  Think about it!

On Saturday, Feb. 24th the GOP is holding a free seminar at the Kowloon in Saugus at 9am to help people who want to run for office.

Please attend to help save our state from Healey Hell.

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