Hate is Finding a Home on College Campuses

“This is not a patient at a psychiatric hospital. This is a student in the Ivy League.”

I’m always interested in learning more about the backgrounds of the pampered-puke foreign Ivy Leaguers who are getting lugged at the daily anti-Jewish hate fests on every college campus.

Most of what I’m really interested in – their immigration status, their SAT scores, whether they blew into the Great Satan as “asylees” like earlier Muslim terrorists such as the Tsarnaevs – is never mentioned in the stories, but I still read them.

The other day, I saw this headline in the New York Post:

“UPenn student who praised ‘glorious’ Hamas terror attack later arrested for stealing Israeli flag.”

The Muslim perp was identified as Tara Tarawneh, and the paper described as her as “a 2020 graduate of King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan.”

King’s Academy! Now there was a school I knew a little something about.

It was started by King Abdullah of Jordan in 2007. He’s a graduate of Deerfield Academy, as I am. The first headmaster at King’s was Eric Widmer, who was just retiring as the headmaster of Deerfield.

Around 2006, I was at Deerfield for some kind of career night for the student body. I was imparting my usual advice about the journalism racket – “Don’t even think about it, kids!”

Afterwards, several of us alumni had dinner with departing headmaster Widmer. He filled us in on the plans that the King (Class of ’79) had for King’s Academy. It was going to be an oasis of western cosmopolitanism in the desert – coed no less!

We all nodded politely. A New England prep school in Jordan. What a noble concept! What could possibly go wrong?

As Abdullah put it, King’s Academy would hopefully produce “a new generation of enlightened and creative minds.”

So how’s that plan working out for the likes of Tara Tarawneh?

Philadelphia has a George Soros prosecutor, one Larry Krasner. But even Soros’ puppet charged Tarawneh with theft and receiving stolen property. The bust stemmed from an Oct. 28 incident in which she was charged with stealing an Israeli flag on campus.

Tarawneh addressed one of the many Hitler Youth-style rallies on the UPenn campus, captured on video that went viral.

“I remember feeling so empowered and happy, so confident that victory was near and so tangible,” she tells the bloodthirsty crowd of the October 7 attacks that killed more than 1,200 Israelis, most of them civilians. “I want all of you to hold that feeling in your hearts. Never let go of it. Channel it through every action you take. Bring it to the streets.”

By the way, tuition at King’s Academy for boarding students this year is $53,250. Her family seeks to be doing quite well in what she described in September as her people’s “history of colonialism, displacement and erasure.”

Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-Bronx, retweeted her video last week with this comment:

“This is not a patient at a psychiatric hospital. This is a student in the Ivy League.”

There’s a lot of this 21st century goose-stepping going around. Harvard just tossed one of its proctors – grad students who live in freshman dorms – out of campus housing and also revoked his “meal swipes,” as the Harvard Crimson put it.

This thug goes by the name of Elom Tettey-Tamaklo and was caught on videotape “accosting,” as they say, a Jewish student from the business school who was attempting to record a so-called die-in last month.

This Elom bird is a student at, wait for it, the Harvard Divinity School.

A rabbi shared an Instagram story from the theological scholar which included the statement:

“The beast of Zionism shall be slain, Palestine shall live, Her children shall return, From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

The beast of Zionism will be slain? And this thug is majoring in God? If you google him, it appears he went to Haverford College where he majored in political science “with a concentration in Africana studies.”

And who were his influences as he went after the Jewish student?

“He was gripped by the theories of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Of course he was.

Just as predictably, his fellow Harvard brownshirts are livid because, as they put it in a petition, “expressing and organizing around our beliefs should not place us in jeopardy of housing or vocational insecurity.”

Oh, the horrors of vocational insecurity. Talk about a bunch of summer soldiers and sunshine patriots – whatever happened to mutually pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor?

The foreign freeloaders are petrified that they might actually be deported back to the Third World hellholes they have fled. It’s astonishing – they flop into the US claiming they’re victims of oppression and need “asylum.”

But once they’re here and comfortable on the dole, these “settlers” (to coin a phrase) immediately start trying to recreate the totalitarian genocidal failed states they came from.

And their ultimate nightmare is being deported – sent back to their Muslim homelands that, unlike Israel, do use poison gas against their own populations, and engage in ethnic cleansing whenever they please, with no UN resolutions of denunciations to worry about.

Like all these other pablum-puking la-de-da schools, MIT has a very big problem with these student “settlers.” Yet the MIT administration, led by a woman named Kornbluth, refuses to discipline the savages among them. Why?

“Because we later heard serious concerns about collateral consequences for the students, such as visa issues….”

So the Nazis of Memorial Avenue will only be suspended from “non-academic campus activities.”

Oh no – Mohammed and Fatima won’t be able to go to the midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Friday night.

As for me, I’m just wondering if my alma mater, Deerfield Academy, will be hosting a holiday reception for our “sister” school in the Mideast – King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan.

If we do have a party for them, it’ll have to be BYOB.

Bring Your Own Bombs.

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