Has befuddled Joe Biden Zoomed to another galaxy?

I wonder what would have happened if Trump had ever been even half as incoherent and just plain not all there as Dementia Joe Biden has been just over the past two weeks.

Remember the 25th Amendment to the Constitution?

When Trump was president, it was cited about every 10 minutes on CNN and MSDNC as their dream way to quickly removing POTUS, after the vice president and a majority of the cabinet issued a “written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

But now the 25th Amendment has vanished from the national conversation.

Yet I wonder what would have happened if Trump had ever been even half as incoherent and just plain not all there as Dementia Joe Biden has been just over the past two weeks.

In New London Wednesday, he talked about the “Galapos Islands,” and decried “Hiranian gunboats” harassing US Navy ships.

In Michigan, he called rabidly anti-Israeli Rep. Rashida Tlaib “Rasheed” three times in five seconds. On a Zoom call, he introduced Michelle Lujan Grisham as “the governor of Mexico.” He said the gasoline lines are in “the Southwest” before correcting himself.

Biden has also forgotten or butchered any number of names.

“I want to make it clear to you I’m encouraged not just because of a solid meeting with uh with uh the uh … Republican leader in the House.”

That would be Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

With Gov. Charlie Baker, he talked about driving with his Secret Service detail by Fenway Park.

“Every time we’d go by Green Wall we had to bless ourself and be silent.”

With the governors, Biden introduced his “top adviser on health equity,” a physician, as “Governor Marcella Nunez-Smith.” At the Coast Guard Academy commencement, he tried to introduce one of his aides who went there, then couldn’t remember her name.

He bragged about the “nearly 60% of azults in America” who have been vaccinated.

Biden lauded American “’genuity,” as opposed, apparently, to ingenuity. He said “elimidge” when he meant to say “eligible.” He talked about “tacknology” and an issue he worked on with Obama — “battery injury.”

As Dementia Joe noted the tax deadline, he reminded people that “as they’re filling, filing their taxes.” Then he added, “So as you follow your taxes today.”

A few years ago, Biden went on Jon Stewart’s show and confessed that he’d once lied about having an uncle who worked in a coal mine. Biden ruefully said of his attempts to fabricate a hardscrabble background: “I tried that crap, it didn’t work.”

So guess what he did in New London this week? He tried that coal-mine crap again. He said his “great grand-pop” came out of the hole, like he was Big John or John L. Lewis or somebody.

But … nobody … called … him … on … it.

The slobbering lap-dog media also gave a good leaving-alone to Biden telling the ABC reporter who asked him about the war in Gaza to stand in front of the electric truck he was driving in Michigan.

Oh sure, he was just kidding — you know, like Trump was laughing in 2016 as he joked (in a nationally-televised speech) that the Russians should release Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The Russian joke has been mentioned in the media approximately 25 million times so far, the electric-truck joke by Biden, about 17 times.

Here’s a selection of some of Biden’s Greatest Hits of the past two weeks. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“There’s an estimation of somewhere between 700 billion and a trillion 3 hundred million billion dollars if we hire more IRS agents and go after those folks who are avoiding taxes at the top end.”

“We have to make sure that women have the chance to succeed and throw up thrive throughout their careers.”

“It matters if you’re a two-family person making 80, 90 thousand dollars two-family two-wage earners it matters.”

“Here’s what drives the driver uh in the states that are affected here’s what they you can do the drivers. Don’t panic number one.”

“The pandemic that’s raising globally.”

“And we need and we we have to we know we know what they need they need greater private-sector investment in cyber-security.”

“We’re seeing the results in live in in we’re seeing the results in people’s lives and in their livelihoods.”

“The agencies across the government have acted quiffly quickly to mitigate any impact on our fuel supply.”

“And I think that I I I I think that this we’re there’re there’re going to be other pandemics.”

“A million shots in the arms in my first hundred days as president, a hundred million I should say.”

“(People) are still with us who uh I believe who would have otherwise we would have lost.”

“I know seeing lines at the pumps or gas stations with no gas can be extremely stressful.”

Yes it can. But so can watching Dementia Joe stumble around every day and still there’s not a single reference, ever, to the 25th Amendment.

If it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats would have no standards at all.

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