Police Blotter Fax Friday: Wheel-y Silly Choices Were Made

Grace is back for Police Blotter Fax, and everyone is thrilled!

Follow along with her crazy crime stories by clicking on the links below.

LA Woman Accused of Stabbing Grandfather After He Asked Her to Shower [MUGSHOT] | NICOLE ACOSTA – People

New Jersey Man Arrested for Using Drone to Drop Green Dye in Pools [POOL PICS] | RONNY REYES – The New York Post

Irate Florida Customer Arrested After Throwing Lollipop at Family Dollar Manager [MUGSHOT] | DAVID PROPPER – The New York Post

Washington Police Deputy Barks Like a Dog to Scare Car Thieves [AUDIO] | STEPHEN SORACE – Fox News

Florida Man Arrested After Flaunting Stolen Mercedes Online Following “Rash” of Car Break-Ins [MUGSHOT] | ELIZABETH PRITCHETT – The New York Post

Repeat Offender Captured After Franklin County Manhunt [VIDEO] | CAM SMITH – WCAX

Here are our winners!

Moment Drunk Driver is Busted on Wrong Side of the Road in Nebraska After Unwittingly Calling Cops on Himself to Report Wrong-Way Drivers [BODY CAM FOOTAGE] | EMMA RICHTER – The Daily Mail

Florida Man Arrested by Coast Guard for Trying to Cross Atlantic in Human-Sized Hamster Wheel | SARAH RUMPF-WHITTEN – Fox News

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