Hacks cover own backs

It’s not about raising taxes, you must understand. It’s about investments – investments in the future.

That’s what the greed-crazed hacks at the State House always say whenever they’re talking about robbing you, I mean, investing in the future.

The kleptocrats on Beacon Hill were up to their old tricks again last week, taking the initial steps towards an 80 percent hike in the “millionaires’ tax.” But the next day, they instantly gave away the game when we discovered what the Democrats really care about “investing” your hard-earned money in.

Namely, the $127,000 in lawyers’ fees for corrupt district court judge Shelley Joseph, indicted by the feds for allegedly letting an illegal Dominican career criminal abscond from her suburban courthouse before an ICE agent could pick him for deportation.

Imagine — $127,000 to provide free legal services to a former member of the Democrat State Committee from Brookline who is charged with committing a criminal felony that could land her in prison for 20 years.

How is paying off this hack’s legal tab an “investment” in anyone’s future except hers… and maybe all the other illegal Dominican fentanyl dealers and their enabling judges who realize they have carte blanche to commit whatever crimes they so desire, and that no one will ever pay the price, any price?

When the Democrat judge first stood outside the courthouse on Northern Avenue after her indictment, weeping the buckets, her TV lawyer Thomas Hoopes sanctimoniously told the press that he would be representing Judge Joseph “pro bono.”

Now it turns out that before she was indicted, the taxpayers had already paid some lawyer $127,000 in an attempt to help the scofflaw judge ward off the long arm of the law. (Hoopes did not return calls asking him if he was the recipient of the $127 large.)

In the debate over the so-called millionaires’ tax on Beacon Hill this week, the moonbats repeated over and over again that the additional billions would only be spent on “education” and infrastructure, which of course they described as crumbling.

Okay, said the outnumbered Republicans. Would the leadership be willing to put that in writing – that none of the extra money will be spent on, say, paying for the lawyers of criminal state judges, or another three dozen or so associate deputy vice chancellors at UMass?

Oh no, the handful of pro-taxpayer solons were told, we can’t assure you of anything like that. But what’s the problem, we’re just talking about… investments.

What the hacks want to do is tack on an additional four percent tax on any income over $1 million, thus, the “millionaires’ tax.” Of course it won’t work, it never has in any of the other states that have tried it. So as revenue falls, and taxpayers flee, everyone’s taxes will go up… and up… and up.

Hey, somebody’s gonna have to pay when the next Shelley Joseph gets it into her empty blonde head to go another PC crime spree?

Carrying the ball for the Beacon Hill banditos was Sen. Jason Lewis, who was born in South Africa. Here is a selection from this woke pol’s remarks on the “need” to beggar the native-born population:

“We have needs, tremendous unmet needs… a $10 billion investment… important investments… greater investments… fund such investment… these investments… we desperately need to invest….”

At the beginning, this latest soak-the-rich scheme would single out approximately 20,000 citizens. At the earliest, it would go into effect in 2023, giving all the alleged plutocrats plenty of time to flee, or to take some other measures to get their reportable income under $1 million.

Rep. Randy Hunt, a Republican from Sandwich, pointed out how much this latest insanity would cost – an average of $178,000 per victim. Granted, disproportionate amounts would be assessed from local billionaires like, say, Bob Kraft, or Abigail Johnson of Fidelity.

But still, $178,000 is a lot of dough, especially when you can absolutely be certain that every bit of it will be totally squandered, like every other tax dollar that goes to the Commonwealth.

“For $178,000,” Hunt said, “people will find a way to avoid paying the tax, by paying family members, by deferring taxable income, sheltering income in irrevocable trusts or, as has been mentioned, simply moving to New Hampshire.”

Or they could just decide to stop working – you know, like all the Democrats in the legislature, not to mention 98 percent of their constituents.

But if you’re a Democrat hack in the General Court, apparently, being robbed of $178,000 you actually earned is no big deal.

In his paean to investments, Sen. Lewis described the 80 percent tax hike as asking people “to pay just a little bit more.” The hit would be “slightly higher,” he declaimed, and almost four grand a week out of your pocket would merely represent a “small factor” in your decision whether to stick around the Bay State.

Making people who work pay even more to support those who don’t – many of whom are in the country illegally, living on welfare – it’s the “fairest way possible,” we were assured by the senator from South Africa.

How many krugerrands can you buy with $178,000? Do you suppose Judge Joseph knows?

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