Hack judge releases criminals for cheap

First things first: Judge Timothy “Touchy” Feeley declined to comment on anything you are about to read in this column. That’s the way it always is with these part time black-robed hacks – they make one horrible decision after another, and they feel like somehow they’re… above it.

Above it, indeed. This bum who “works” 35 weeks a year cuts some drug-addled thug loose, and somebody ends up dead… below it, so to speak. And the pompous, sanctimonious judge just sits there, waiting for his fourth $6,250-a-year pay raise of the last 18 months to kick in on July 1.

You already know Touchy Feeley, the 68-year-old hack appointed by Deval Patrick in 2008 after giving him $200 in 2006. He’s the judge who cut the bail on the accused Maine cop killer. This wasn’t the first time some punk whose bail he reduced went on to be accused of murder.

Last October, a guy named Tony Dyshaun Harris was arrested in Somerville for the murder of a 20-year-old. Harris, a Bloods gangbanger, had been in jail on gun and domestic abuse charges.

Then Touchy Feeley cut the gang banger’s bail from $50,000 to $5,000. But wait, he had an excuse, according to the Salem News – some of his earlier felonies had been dismissed because they “were tainted by the involvement of disgrace state crime lab chemist Annie Dookhan.”

In other words, Touchy had no choice. The judges never do. They’re always bitching and moaning that they need more “discretion,” but when they get it, and somebody ends up dead, or raped, the judges point their tax-fattened fingers at somebody else.

Last week, a dodgy Dukakoid judge in Quincy cut loose an African illegal rapist who immediately fled the country. First the courthouse hacks blamed the sheriff, then they settled on a court clerk.

Same thing happened last week with the Cape cop killer known as “125,” for how many strikes he got before murdering Yarmouth Off. Sean Gannon in cold blood in Marstons Mills.

The killer “125” walked free after two jury-waived trials. Good old 125 knew he could count on judges. They had their reasons, of course. They’re both retired now. One’s grabbing $138,000 a year, the other one $99,000. I’m sure they’re very remorseful, right?

But let’s get back to Touchy Feeley, and remember, I gave him the opportunity, through the spokesman for the Trial Court, to explain each and every one of these headlines from the Salem News:

“Alleged sex predator released after hearing.” This perv had been ordered held without bond after trying to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex. (He told the undercover cop posing as the kid that he didn’t care if “she” was 11.) Touchy cut his bail to $5,000.

“Report: Chelmsford man arrested on charges of trying to lure minor for sex.” Same cop, now it’s February 2018. Feeley cut this alleged perv’s bail to… personal recognizance.

“Judge release Salem man charged in sexual abuse.” This guy had priors dating back to 2000, and the first judge called him a “serial sexual abuser.” After agreeing with prosecutors that this guy posed a danger, Feeley set his bail at $100 and ordered him to wear a GPS bracelet.

“Alleged Pervert’s Release Scares Boy.” This story ran in the Herald. Another pervert, another $100 bail, another ankle bracelet, same judge. Do you begin to detect a pattern here?

“Judge further lowers bail in Salem rape case.” From $50,000 to $5000. The public defender offered last year to have his client wear the traditional bracelet, but Touchy waved it off for the nice young man.

“Bail for alleged flasher reduced.” This was just last month, in Salem. According to the Salem Evening News, the perps is “a suspect after 10 incidents.” The prosecution asked for $25,000 bail, the first judge set it at $7500, and Touchy cut it to $2000.

But it’s not just pervs that Touchy has a soft spot for. Here are some more headlines – “Man out on bail in drug case arrested for trafficking heroin.” This dealer’s bail was initially set at $150,000 in December 2016. Touchy Feeley cut it to $5000.

“Alleged heroin ringleader jumps bail.” This is from last October. He screwed after Feeley cut his bail from $250,000 to $25,000. Richard Castillo made bail and then it was… adios, amigos.

“Judge defends suspended sentences in $160K credit card fraud.” See, he didn’t want to send the bandido from Central Falls to jail because she allegedly had four minor children. Comprehende?

The problem is, Touchy isn’t the exception among the wretched refuse that is the Massachusetts judiciary, he’s the rule. And by the way, Touchy isn’t the only hack who reduced John Williams’ bail. Before Touchy cut it to $5000, another hack judge named Michael Patten had reduced it from $10,000.

When Patten was nominated (by Deval, naturally) he was asked about judicial discretion. Here’s what he told the Governor’s Council:

“A judge must achieve the proper balance between public safety on the one hand, and rehabilitation on the other… I believe the ultimate goal is to protect the public, while at the same time providing structured assistance to those suffering from addiction or mental illness, and to reduce the overall rate of recidivism.”

Well, Judge, you failed, and Touchy Feeley makes two. Another bleeding-heart judge, another dead cop. And no one in the hackerama does a damn thing to halt the mayhem.

One last thing: on the Governor’s Council questionnaire, the nominee is asked whether judges are paid enough. Touchy Feeley had this to say in 2008:

“If press reports are accurate that judges’ salaries in Massachusetts rank 46th annually, I believe that they are not adequate for what this Commonwealth justly expects of the members of its judiciary.”

In other words, Touchy Feeley thinks he is underpaid. It’s a tough job, springing criminals, but some Deval Patrick campaign contributor has to do it.

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