Hack judge Michael Coyne lets illegal immigrant disappear with stolen $72G

The hack state judge declined to comment.

That’s how you have to start every one of these columns about yet another moronic decision by some slack-jawed payroll patriot in black robes.

This time, a fool judge has allowed a sticky-fingered illegal Brazilian maid who’d just stolen $72,000 from her boss to keep her Third World passport because, he said, how could she ever flee the US, given the very tight security at Logan Airport?

Surely, District Court Judge Michael Coyne, you were joking?

Judge, do you recall the Dominican gangbanger rapist who was cut free by another Democrat hack judge in Newton, never to be seen again? Or the illegal African who raped a Braintree woman, after which he was set free by some other lunatic Democrats at the courthouse in Quincy and likewise immediately vanished?

Judge Coyne allowed the illegal to keep her passport. This was in February. She hasn’t been seen since.

Here is what the hack judge said when he refused to take the illegal thief’s passport. It’s all on tape:

“The systems at the airports, the terminals and train stations are so strict today than they were a few years ago, it would be doubtful she could get out of the country at this point if she has a pending case.”

You were kidding, right? That’s what I would have asked the extinguished jurist, had he deigned to speak with me, or with Ryan Kath of NBC 10 Boston, who originally reported this latest example of how in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

Before we get into the details of this latest miscarriage of justice, here’s some background on Judge Coyne. He was nominated for the bench after a nationwide search – by then-Gov. Jane Swift, who retired in 2002 due to ill health. The voters got sick of her.

Judge Coyne’s credentials to become an idiot state judge were impeccable.

His father was Billy Coyne, a mega-lobbyist on Beacon Hill. His older brother, Billy Coyne, Jr., followed in Daddy’s footsteps. According to the secretary of state, Judge Coyne’s brother, who has offices at 6 Beacon Street, has recently been representing such clients as Verizon, the American Cigar Council and Miller Coors.

Lobbyist Coyne has reported income in the past two years of $611,736 and $449,912.

Overhead is steep: according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Judge Coyne’s brother has donated $111,000 to local politicians, including jailbirds Sal DiMasi and Dianne Wilkerson, not to mention disgraced ex-Lt. Gov. Tim “Crash” Murray.

Judge Coyne, age 69, has a younger brother as well – Judge Peter Coyne of the juvenile court. He was confirmed on a 5-3 vote back in 2011. Apparently some members of the Governor’s Council had doubts about the younger Coyne’s, uh, qualifications. One councilor pointed out that over the years he’d applied at least for at least 10 judicial openings. Then there were his problems passing the bar exam.

Peter Coyne admitted to taking the bar exam “repeatedly.” When I inquired last week, the clerk of the SJC, Suffolk County, couldn’t even tell me how many times Peter Coyne had flunked the bar exam. You see, the pre-1992 records are all in storage. All they could tell me was that he’d taken the exam at least twice in the Internet era, and both were re-tries – in July 1992 and July 1993, when he apparently finally got lucky, at the age of 38.

At the time the younger judge Coyne was taking the bar exam over and over, he was working behind the bar, supporting himself as a bartender in Braintree at Local 369, Utility Workers Union of America. Those were his credentials for the bench.

Bottom line: the Coynes are a hack family’s hack family.

The illegal was arrested last December. She’d been working as a housekeeper for the Charlestown woman (a Beto O’Rourke contributor, by the way). The American woman had a bank account for her three college-age children, and she discovered that the illegal had been tapping it, to the tune of $72,000.

When the illegal thief was arrested, the original judge in Charlestown set no bail, but did insist the Brazilian turn over her passport. (Question: if a US citizen stole $72,000 from his employer and was a major flight risk, do you suppose he’d be released on personal recognizance?)

Instead, the brazen foreigner turned up at the probation office and demanded to be allowed to keep her passport. A hearing was set, in front of a different judge, the bleeding-heart Michael Coyne.

The illegal’s public defender judge-shopped well – back in 2007, Coyne had given an unemployed Roxbury gangbanger convicted of shooting at another man a continuance to “put his affairs in order.”

The gangbanger vanished.

So that afternoon, the public defender – on our dime, of course – showed up in front of Judge Coyne. The illegal Brazilian thief didn’t even bother to show up for her own hearing. (Do American taxpayers have that option, if they want to prevail?)

And that’s when the judge said no problem, let the illegal keep her passport, because there was no way she could abscond back to her Third World hellhole with her ill-gotten gains. Although that seems to be exactly what has happened, because no one has seen her since.

Wonderful, huh? By the way, these events occurred before Rachael Rollins became DA. So she’s right about at least one thing – this nonsense has been going on around here for a very long time.

But there are consequences to letting illegals commit endless crimes against law-abiding taxpayers with no punishment. Just ask the woman in Charlestown, or her kids.

If I ever get jammed up, I ask for no special treatment. Just treat me like an illegal alien.

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