Guilty! Of Telling Truth About Hunter and ‘Pop’ [WITH SCREENSHOTS]

My new favorite judge in Massachusetts is Joseph L. Michaud of the Housing Court.

Until last week, I’d never heard of the guy, but now he’s not only my favorite judge, I think he should get a promotion.

Michaud was just “publicly reprimanded” by the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) for the usual litany of things – violating the code of judicial conduct, engaging in conduct unbecoming a judicial officer and bring the judiciary into disrepute blah-blah-blah.

Let me translate that into what crimes he’s really accused of.

Judge Michaud has been found guilty of being a Republican – no, worse than that, he’s been found guilty of being a fan of Donald J. Trump, which is what they call in law an aggravated offense.

You know who can’t believe how horrible Judge Michaud has been behaving? Judge Shelley Joseph. She let an illegal alien career criminal drug dealer out the back door of her courthouse and got a two-year paid vacation and the state paid for her criminal defense.

She’s a Democrat. From Brookline. Was on the Democrat state committee. Do I have to draw you a diagram?

Judge Michaud’s problems all revolves around his “now-deleted Facebook account.” The press release doesn’t go into the gory details, but it does give you a taste of his crimes against humanity beyond supporting a certain Republican candidate for president:

“Posts of news articles, memes and comments denigrating toward or in opposition to the Democratic candidate for President, other elected Democratic leaders, and the Democratic Party’s political positions.”

How dare he!?!?! Criticizing a Democrat? In Massachusetts, that’s not just lese majeste. That’s blasphemy.

The Michaud indictment, such as it is, remains “under seal.” But it wasn’t that well-sealed, if you know what I mean. The decision runs 24 pages, with appendices taking up another 142 pages. Think about that – 166 pages, a two-year investigation, to prove that a guy with a handful of Facebook followers is a… Deplorable.

You can see some of his postings right here, but let’s go over a few. The amazing thing is, everything Michaud said more than two years ago has turned out to be true. And of course, that’s the one of the biggest offenses he committed – telling the truth.

SJC Screenshot from reprimand of Judge Joseph L. Michaud of the Housing Court. (SJC image)

For instance, he posts a Fox News story about the decision by Facebook and Twitter to de-platform the New York Post over its coverage of Hunter Biden’s smoking-gun laptop.

To which the judge notes: “Hmmm I wonder why?”

A day later he posts another link to a New York Post story about an email that shows the Bidens’ connections to a shady Ukrainian businessman.

Judge Michaud comments: “Not to be redundant but doesn’t this cause at least some degree of concern with my friends on the other side of the aisle?”

Of course not. Most of his postings are noticed by fewer than two dozen people. But some of them push back, like a guy named Dan Gallagher. So the judge tells Gallagher about the emails about how Hunter has to turn over 10-50 percent of his skim, I mean, earnings, to the Big Guy.

Judge: “Apparently Hunter was giving half of what he ‘earned’ to Pop? If so Hunter isn’t a Biden he (is) a bagman.”

Dan Gallagher is a typical no-info Democrat voter, so Judge Michaud tries to educate him that all of the information he’s citing comes from Hunter Biden’s own laptop.

“It was a quote from the Hunter email to his daughter. It was in the laptop that boob left in with a repair shop and never went back to reclaim…. Biden campaign has not denied the content which implicates Biden getting money through Hunter from the Chinese and Ukrainians. Good to know.”

SJC Screenshot from reprimand of Judge Joseph L. Michaud of the Housing Court. (SJC image)

But not everybody thought it was good to know. Another judge, a wrinkly trust-funded drifter from New York (aren’t they all?) reported Michaud to the Judicial Conduct Commission for, I don’t know, sedition maybe. Or treason.

Of course, Judge Michaud doesn’t really fit into the judicial hackerama, and not just because he’s a Republican. He’s from Massachusetts, for one thing, and he served as a selectman in Dartmouth.

He spent 30 years in the military. He was in Operation Desert Storm. He didn’t go to Harvard.

But he got his judgeship the old-fashioned way. He gave a lot of money to every Republican running for governor going back to Mitt Romney. Finally, $950 after Michaud met Charlie Baker, he got the nod in 2018.

Michaud now makes $207,855 a year. Best job he’s ever had, ever will have, and that’s why he can’t talk about what happened to him. I suppose he wasn’t supposed to be commenting on this stuff. But seriously, can you imagine what his woke colleagues were saying on their social media that same year, during the BLM-antifa murder-arson-looting sprees, er, “mostly peaceful riots?”

But nobody ever ratted any of those Democrat hacks out.

The ruling keeps describing the information in the Post stories as “purported,” as if there’s any doubt about their truth. And the sleuths for the Commission also mention that “at least nine of the posts were made during court hours.”

Court hours? Even before the Panic, these black-robed hacks “worked” no more than 35 weeks a year. Since their endless vacation started, how often do any of them observe “court hours?”

Here’s a good Michaud observation, after it was “purportedly revealed” that John Brennan, the CIA boss, had warned Barack Obama in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was fabricating a fake scandal involving Russia against Donald Trump.

“Amazing abuse of power,” Michaud posted. “This is Banana Republic level of behavior. Using Government intelligence and law enforcement resources against a political opponent. Makes Watergate look like child’s play. Wonder if the Main Stream media will even report this.”

Not only will they not report the real news, you can be censured for even mentioning it.

During lunch hour on Oct. 21, 2020, Michaud reposted a photo of Hunter and Joe Biden together, with a quote from novelist Ayn Rand:

“When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you, your nation is doomed.”

Judge Michaud then wrote above that: “Ayn Rand is right on so many fronts.”

His followers on Facebook didn’t care, though. One, Barbara Parent, posted: “Don’t care. Trump is worse.”

To which Judge Michaud replied: “That’s what is so scary. That so many people are ignoring Biden’s demonstrated corruption and traitorous behavior because OrangeManBad.”

SJC Screenshot from reprimand of Judge Joseph L. Michaud of the Housing Court. (SJC image)

I always say, it’s that 98 percent of Massachusetts judges who give such a bad rap to the good 2 percent.

I don’t care if he has been publicly reprimanded, Judge Michaud is part of the good 2 percent.

Judge Joseph L. Michaud for the U.S. Supreme Court!

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